tds_animation_stack India 1197 Flights Scheduled This Month in 29 Countries, 34 Airports in India

1197 Flights Scheduled This Month in 29 Countries, 34 Airports in India

International Flights: The Ministry of External Affairs on Thursday said that at least 1197 flights had been scheduled in Phase 4 of India’s Vande Bharat Mission to repatriate stranded Indians from abroad. Flights are being operated across 29 countries by Air India, Air India Express IndiGo, SpiceJet, as well as GoAir. Also Read – International Flights: India’s Next Air Bubble is Likely to be With Israel

“In phase 4 of Vande Bharat Mission, 1197 flights have been scheduled so far, including 945 international flights & 252 feeder flights. These flights are operated by Air India group, IndiGo, SpiceJet & GoAir. They covered 29 countries. They’ll be reaching 34 airports in India,”  MEA spokesperson Anurag Srivastava said in a press briefing. Also Read – International Flights: SpiceJet Now Allowed to Operate on India-US Routes | Read Here

The central government has, however, not announced the dates or the schedule for Vande Bharat Mission phase 5 yet. Also Read – Lockdown Effect: Despite Massive Protests, Air India Deducts Employee Allowances by up to 50%

More Flights, Cheaper Fares

Notably, Air India reduced the airfares for high-demand flights to the US almost by half, in anticipations that more airlines are ready to join the international airspace in the coming days, facing steep competition with United Airlines.

As a result, Air India US flights are now priced at Rs 51,000

Similarly, the airfares on UAE route has also come down. Emirates and Etihad are selling tickets for under Rs 20,000. Air India Express is charging as low as Rs 14,000.

In Europe, Air India, Air France, Lufthansa are the major players and a one-way flight of Air France between India and Paris costs Rs 33,190. Air India is charging higher than that, with starting price at Rs 39,970.



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