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A lackluster finale after a lackluster season – News InfoLive

There isn’t much positive left to say about this season of RHOBH, except that we are glad it finally came to an end after months of pointless arguing.

The finale of RHOBH was no better than the rest of the season.  It seemed disjointed, scrambled, boring, and without Denise Richards, it really shined a light on how bad it was overall.  Kyle Richards, Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave, and Lisa Rinna were so uninteresting all season that the only thing they could do was discuss Denise ad nauseam.

When the finale approaches, it usually wraps up loose ends and sends the women off with a happy moment or two.  This finale, Erika Jayne was already in New York for Chicago, Denise wouldn’t go near anyone because Brandi Glanville was trying to trap her, and Rinna cemented that she was a terrible friend of 20 years.  Erika’s send off to New York felt oddly final, not just for the finale either.

“Denise and desist” might have been extra lame because of the cease and desist letters that Denise sent to production and the rest of the ladies.  Even though the topic was discussed at every moment throughout the whole season, production seemed to be trying to pin the mess on Denise’s shoulders.

Unfortunately for them, viewers obviously pin the blame on the shoulders of Kyle, Teddi, Rinna, and Erika.  Perhaps if they were just a bit more interesting, they would have been able to carry a season without Denise and her personal life.

We knew the season wasn’t going well when Kim Richards, Brandi, Camille Grammer, Eileen Davidson, Kris Jenner, and everyone Housewives-adjacent was brought in to fluff up the episodes at the end, but I don’t think we could have predicted it would be this bad.

While Bravo has been “cutting the fat,” so to say, with the other franchises, they really, really, really, need to do the same with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The finale is up next and we can only imagine what will be discussed there:  Denise.  Since nothing else happened this season, it will surely just be more dissection of what Denise does in the bedroom in the privacy of her own hotel room.  Riveting stuff, you guys.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is on Bravo on Wednesdays at 9 PM ET. 



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