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British Royalty: Helicopter fan and heir to the throne: Prince George turns seven

Ballet and math: British Prince George still has to go to school for several years. Many Britons already see "Prince Charming" as a beacon of hope for the kingdom. Seven facts about the little royal's seventh birthday (July 22).

SUCCESSION: The chances of becoming king are good for George. Because he is after Grandpa Prince Charles (71) and father William (38) in third place in the line of succession. His great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II (94) has reigned for over 25,000 days – never before had a British monarch been on the throne for so long. It is unlikely that the vigorous senior citizen will pass the scepter ahead of time: "My whole life, should it be short or long," promised the future monarch on her 21st birthday that she wanted to dedicate it to her subjects.

DANGER OF TERROR: Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge – his full name – was already in great danger. A supporter of the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS) called for a terrorist attack against the boy with the news app Telegram and published the address of George's private school in south London. The man is also said to have called for attacks on football stadiums. A court sentenced the IS supporter to life in prison – he has to serve at least 25 years.

BALLET LESSONS: When George started school at the age of four, only father William was by his side. At the time, Kate (38) had extreme nausea during pregnancy. In the private school, great emphasis is placed on courtesy, tolerance, artistic skills and sports. The prince's schedule also includes ballet and drama. "We hope that our students will leave this school with a strong sense of social responsibility," says director Simon O'Malley on the Thomas's Battersea School website. It almost sounds like a future king.

SISTERS: George was initially a little shy – quite the opposite of his sister Charlotte (5). She is pretty cheeky and caused a lot of laughter, for example, when she showed her tongue to spectators of a sailing regatta. Charlotte attends the same private school as George in the capital. The two-year-old Louis, on the other hand, can hardly be seen in public.

HELICOPTER PILOT: George is like many boys his age: in the football stadium he cheered vigorously with father William. According to Kate, he also likes dinosaurs, beetles and volcanoes. He also likes everything that has to do with the police. George especially loves helicopters and he loves to fly. No wonder, because he has a role model: Prince William is a trained helicopter pilot.

WELTENBUMMLER: As a little royal, George comes around the world quite nicely. He was not even a year old when he accompanied his parents on an official trip to New Zealand and Australia. In 2016 he and Charlotte visited Canada with their parents, in 2017 they went to Poland and Germany. The stations included Berlin, Hamburg and Heidelberg. The media also rated this trip as Britain's charm offensive with a view to Brexit.

PRINCE CHARMING: Like his siblings, George is a very pretty child. The fact that he looks so easy in many pictures has to do with Mama Kate. Many of the photos published by Kensington Palace are from the Duchess. On the occasion of his sixth birthday, her eldest offspring was left out on a picture with a tooth gap and in the shirt of the English national football team.



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