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Britney Spears: Guardianship to end soon?

Her debut album "… Baby One More Time" was released in early 1999 and since then Britney Spears (38) has been one of the greatest pop stars on the planet. However, since 2008 the singer has been under guardianship. After more than twelve years, Spears could finally be completely free again at the end of August – and decide for themselves about their lives and assets.

How it all started

At the beginning of the 2000s, there were only a few pop stars that Spears could hold their ground in terms of popularity. But soon the hype about her person, an almost inhumane workload, failed relationships and a custody dispute seemed to add to her. Your first "joke" marriage to her childhood friend Jason Alexander was canceled in 2004 after only 55 hours, her second marriage to dancer Kevin Federline (42), with whom they have sons Jayden (born 2006) and Sean (14), divorced in 2007. With an alleged nervous breakdown and a complete bald shave, she made headlines after the divorce, followed by a short stay in a clinic. The world worried about a pop angel who had crashed and was apparently struggling with mental health problems.

However, the waves gradually smoothed out and the Spears money machine started up again. The 38-year-old has amassed a considerable fortune, media reports speak of up to $ 250 million in the past more than 20 years, among other things with her music, several major tours and film and television appearances. However, she has long since ceased to be a mistress of herself and her assets. After an urgent request, the singer was incapacitated in February 2008 and her father Jamie (68) was appointed as a guardian by a court. For over a decade, he administered the assets of his daughter, who is said to receive only a small pocket money per week. At the end of 2019, Jamie Spears finally gave up the guardianship, which was then temporarily taken over by Jodi Montgomery, a long-time employee of the singer.

In May 2020 "Page Six" of the "New York Post" had finally reportedthat Spears' guardianship will be extended until August 22, 2020, according to court documents. A hearing was scheduled for August 6th. If the singer can convince the judge that she no longer has to struggle with her mental health, she could possibly be able to decide for herself again at the end of August.

How is she really doing today?

After Britney Spears no longer caused a sensation by public escapades, things seemed to be going downhill in the past few months. In April 2019, she was admitted to a psychiatric facility, according to US media reports at her own request. At the time, a fan podcast made allegations that she would be held there against her will. For the first time, the hashtag #FreeBritney began to trend on social media. People even took to the streets to protest for the singer's release.

Since then, fans and the media have repeatedly asked how Spears is actually doing. In the past few weeks, the hashtag has gained popularity again, a veritable movement that demands a self-determined life and the lifting of guardianship has emerged. Many fans keep asking about the state of the singer in the comments on the pop princess' social media posts. So far, Spears has not responded.

In one current clip on Instagram Although she answers questions from her followers, she limits herself to telling her favorite Disney film, among other things. For example, one user comments, "Who asked you these questions? I read the comments every day and nobody ever asked these questions. The question we are asking you is: Are you okay? And we never get a direct answer from you, Britney. "

Numerous fans now seem to believe in real conspiracy theories. Among other things, the question is increasingly asked: does Spears have any control over their own social media channels? She even sent secret messages in which she hides for help, some are sure. Almost three weeks ago, a fan wrote in a comment that she should wear a yellow piece of clothing in her next post if she needs help. On July 2, the 38-year-old released then actually a clip on Instagramin which she wears a yellow top with a smile. The only thing she wrote was that she was so delighted with a flower delivery, "that I put on my favorite yellow shirt and that I just had to share with you".

They are their supporters

Britney Spears not only supports her followers, but also her siblings. Her sister Jamie Lynn (29) stated according to media reports to a brisk demand from a fan who spoke of the singer's "obvious mental illness" that he had no right to "accept anything about my sister – and I have no right to speak about her health and personal matters . " Her sister Britney was "a strong, tough, unstoppable woman". This was the only obvious thing for her.

Spears' brother Bryan (43) meanwhile said in the podcast "As NOT Seen on TV". His sister had "always" sought a way out of guardianship, which was very "frustrating" for Britney. "Regardless of whether someone is at peace or with a certain attitude, it must be frustrating when someone consistently tells you what you have to do. She has been wanting to get out of guardianship for some time now."

Spears also has prominent supporters. Already in 2019 Miley Cyrus (27) sang "Free Britney" into the microphone during a gig. Most recently, the actress Taryn Manning (41, "Orange Is the New Black") spoke up, alongside Spears in the film "Not a Girl". With a screenshot, Manning remembers a "wonderful time". "Britney, I know that you are damn strong and have your own brain and thought processes," she continues. Spears looks happy for Manning. At the same time, however, she asked to "give this wonderful woman the dignity" she deserved. "We all know that she is under an unfair control." But their fans should refrain from all the speculation. "Do not lose faith, you wish all the best."



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