tds_animation_stack India Capital's Recovery Rate at Over 87%, CM Kejriwal Highlights Achievement

Capital’s Recovery Rate at Over 87%, CM Kejriwal Highlights Achievement

New Delhi: Delhi’s recovery rate on Saturday rose to above 87%, as 2,137 patients were discharged in the last 24 hours, thus further solidifying the national capital’s remarkable turnaround in the last few days, going from having the second-highest number of active cases in the country to now having the eighth-highest number of active cases. Also Read – More Toronto-Delhi Flights From Tomorrow As Demands Soar | Details Here

The total number of patients discharged in Delhi has thus reached 1,13,068 as compared to just 12,657 active cases. On Saturday, Delhi witnessed a spike of 1,142, which took its total number of cases to 1,29,531. Of these, 1,13,068 are discharges, 12,537 are active cases and 3,806 deaths, 29 of which took place on Saturday. Also Read – COVID Vaccine Update: 30-Year-Old Delhi Man Suffered No Immediate Side Effect; Pune Firm Seeks Permission for Trial on 1,600 Participants

The capital’s recovery rate, hence, stands at 87.29%, higher than the national recovery rate of over 63%. Active cases contribute 9.77% of Delhi’s total infections while deaths contribute the remainding 2.93%. Also Read – Delhi Public School Student in Sharjah And Businessman in UAE Help 68 Stranded Indians Fly Home Amid COVID-19

Highlighting this, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tweeted: “Delhi has reached 8th position in terms of no of active cases. Situation was bad till a few days back. We were at 2nd position. However, there is no room for complacency. Take precautions and stay safe”.

Notably, over the last nearly two weeks-13 days-Delhi has recorded between 1,000-2,000 new cases a day. On July 20, for the first time in seven weeks, it had recorded less than 1,000 cases a day-954. Since then, it has reported less than 1,500 cases everyday, including today.

Its highest spike was on June 23, when 3,947 new cases were recorded.

Delhi is the worst-hit city in the country, followed by Mumbai. However, as a union territory, it has the third-highest number of cases among states/union territories, behind Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu respectively.



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