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Coloring the Approach: Easy With These Tips

Normally, it is hardly noticeable when the hair grows back on the head: they create around half a millimeter in a day, a month and a half at least. However, if you dye your hair, you can follow the growth virtually live – through the ever-widening one approach. This is particularly eye-catching if you naturally have a very dark hair color and bleach it or vice versa. In addition, many people dye or tone their hair to hide (first) gray hair. In both cases, the approach reveals what is hidden behind the color, so that it has to be recolored at regular intervals. This is usually done by a hairdresser – due to the current situation, you now have to take over the job yourself in an emergency and color your approach. How this works best is explained here.

Color approach: the most important tips for beginners

  • In order for your hair to grow back healthily and your scalp is spared, your approach should only be all six to eight weeks color – depending on how fast your hair grows.
  • Contain many hair dyes ammoniathat can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, always test the relevant products on your skin in advance.
  • Always use if possible the same colorthat your hairdresser used – otherwise you won't get a smooth transition.

  • Soak in before dyeing old t-shirt or use one Hairdresser capeto protect your clothes from possible color stains.

  • Protect yours hands with a few Gloves – especially if you use a strong coloring or bleaching agent.

All sorts of accessories are needed to dye hair

Tip: If you only want your approach to be colored by a professional, you can resort to these alternatives until your hairdresser opens again:

  1. If only your approach dye briefly want you can create a special one Color powder for hair that you apply like an eyeshadow.
  2. Alternatively there are so-called Colored pencils, with the help of gray approaches in particular temporarily concealed can be.
  3. Or you can use a special one Lamination spray With microfine color pigments, which hides lighter and gray roots until the next hair wash.

Step by step: how to color your approach

Step 1: First, part your hair using Parentheses in four sections: pull one part from the left ear to the right and one part from the middle part to the neck.

Step 2: Apply the color to the roots of the back of the head first – here the hair is healthier and takes up the color more slowly than on the top of the head.

Step 3: Always take a strand in your hand and only dye the roots with one Hair coloring brush leave the remaining hair outside.

Step 4: Work strand by strand from the back of the head to the forehead and only let the color take effect for as long as it says on the packaging.

Step 5: Wash your hair thoroughly after the recommended exposure time and then use a rich one Nursing cure for your hair.

How it all looks live is shown in this video explained.

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