tds_animation_stack India Confusion: Kanye West with bizarre Twitter series

Confusion: Kanye West with bizarre Twitter series

The rapper and self-proclaimed US presidential candidate Kanye West has created confusion with a series of bizarre tweets. Text messages from Monday evening, which were later apparently largely deleted, included allegations against his wife Kim Kardashian.

West wrote: "Kim tried to fly to Wyoming with a doctor like in the movie" Get Out "because I cried yesterday when my daughter's life was saved." He was reportedly in the US state of Wyoming.

The musician referred to his appearance in South Carolina the day before, during which he had spoken to a crowd about political issues. At the event, which was described as an election campaign, West burst into tears when he said that his father wanted to get his mother to abort him.

He also indicated that he was initially against the birth of the first child together with Kardashian, daughter North. The magazine "People" then quoted an anonymous source from the couple's surroundings, according to which reality TV star Kardashian was shocked that her husband had told this private story.

West also irritated with more than a dozen other tweets, some of which could not be understood, while others talked about people wanting to rob him of his freedom: "If I get locked up like (Nelson) Mandela, then you all know why."

In other communications, the rapper, one of the most successful US musicians of recent years, wrote: "Come and get me" or, to Kardashian and apparently her mother Kris Jenner, that they should call him. West also released screenshots of Google searches for actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Halle Berry.

West had announced in early July that it would run for the US presidential election. It is considered impossible that he, as an independent candidate, could actually get involved in the vote in November.

The African American, who had at times expressed himself as a fan of US President Donald Trump, spoke more specifically about his proposed candidacy for the office of US President about two weeks ago. His slogan will be "YES!" ("YES!") Read the magazine "Forbes". He calls his party "Birthday Party" – because: "If we win, it's a birthday for everyone." In addition to his wife, he named Tesla founder Elon Musk (49) as the most important advisor. "I offered to be the head of our space program," West said in the interview.

According to media reports, West has had mental health problems for years. In a cover story for Vogue magazine in 2019, Kim Kardashian mentioned that her husband had bipolar disorder. "Everything is very quiet now," she said at the time. "But we can definitely feel relapses, and we now know how to keep them under control." A source from People attributed West's presidential plans to a deterioration in his health.

On Tuesday night, West sent another tweet by releasing the list of songs for an album. He has now announced the new “Donda” plant for Friday (July 24). Until then, the attention should remain.



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