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Cooling down in summer: 10 cool gadgets in the heat

1. Ice cream machine

Everyone loves ice cream: In the last year alone, we averaged 8.3 liters of ice cream per head. And that will certainly not be any different in 2020. Nevertheless, we are annoyed by the rising prices per scoop of ice cream, so why not go into our own production? For one thing, you can use all the ingredients you like best. On the other hand, you can stock up to survive the hot days.

Here is the ice cream maker.

2. Cooling multifunctional cloth

Sometimes it is impossible to avoid being outdoors all day despite the high temperatures. There is a particularly high risk that the heat will literally go to your head. So that you do not get a sunstroke, you should carry a cooling multifunctional cloth with you. The effect is activated by moisture or wringing and pouring out and lasts up to four hours. No matter whether you use it as a towel, bandana or headgear.

You can get the cloth here.

3. Garden shower

On hot summer days, a garden is worth its weight in gold. If you want to enjoy the beautiful weather in your own green area, but at the same time long for a refreshing cool-down, we recommend a garden shower. The movable and height-adjustable water dispenser is set up in just a few minutes and can supply you with cool water outdoors – both in the garden and on the terrace.

The shower is here.

4. Ice block beverage cooler

When temperatures rise to dizzying heights, ice cubes melt away within seconds. This makes it particularly difficult to enjoy a cool drink in the sun – unless you have a drink cooler. The prefabricated form is filled with water and frozen in the ice compartment, the finished block of ice can then be put over all the bottles in a drinks crate and the contents cooled.

Here is the ice cooler.

5. Cooling gel pad

Those who live in an attic apartment are particularly affected by the heat wave. The rooms heat up so much during the day that they are much too warm at night. You can use a cooling gel cushion so that you can still sleep. Place the mat in the fridge for half an hour, then place it on the pillow or pillow case.

You can find the pillow here.

6. Mini USB fan

When the temperatures climb to dizzying heights, it no longer makes sense to open the window: after all, only hot air would flow in. If you have to sit at your desk all day, the oppressive heat will really hit your heart – that's why a cool breeze that blows around your nose can do wonders. This is made possible with a mini fan that you simply connect to your PC via the USB interface.

The fan is here.

7. Gel face mask

Many people tend to experience tension and headaches at high temperatures. Be it due to the oppressive heat or a restless sleep caused by the warm air in the room. In both cases, a cooling gel face mask can help. Put the mask in the refrigerator or freezer for half an hour and then on your face – after a few minutes you will notice the pleasant cold relaxation.

You can find the mask here.

8. Cooling mat for pets

Dogs and cats also suffer from the scorching heat at high temperatures and escape in the shadows. If you do something good for your pet and want to help him regulate his body temperature, buying a cooling mat (combined with cooling gel and foam) makes a lot of sense. The self-cooling pillow works without electricity – and is only activated when there is physical contact.

The cooling mat is available here.

9. Portable mini fridge

If you spend a lot of time in the car or in the office, you will probably feel the full force of the heat wave. To keep a cool head, you should drink a lot – but this is not so easy if you e.g. don't have a fridge on site. Here we recommend a mobile mini fridge with four liters of storage space, which you can easily and easily connect to the socket or socket in the vehicle.

The fridge is here.

10. Outdoor atomizer

Have you ever stood a little longer in the supermarket in front of the vegetable shelf, which is kept cool with the help of a fine atomizer? You can also get the same effect at home or in the garden: The steam nozzles can be attached under the awning or on the parasol outdoors – the fine cloud of microscopic water drops should be able to cool the immediate surroundings down by up to 11 degrees.

The atomizer is here.

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