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Current fashion trends: this is announced in 2020

Fashion trends are always changing and that's a good thing. The focus is on diversity and enjoyment of new ideas, because clothing influences not only the appearance, but also the attitude towards life and well-being. What five Trends You shouldn't miss this year, read here.

Fashion trend: leather

Leather is the trend in 2020, whether it's a skirt, dress or coat, the material can be used in a variety of ways. Whether smooth or suede, it doesn't matter, depending on the look, you can combine the material differently. For the look it is not important whether it is genuine leather or synthetic leather. The latter is in no way inferior to the original and protects animals and the environment. It is best to wear leather garments in combination with more restrained materials so that the outfit does not appear overloaded. For example, you could wear a light fine knit sweater with a black leather-look dress.

Fashion trend: ruffles and ruffles

Ruffles and flounces look beautiful in every season, they are used on blouses, T-shirts, pullovers or dresses and give the look something romantic and playful. Ruffles and ruffles are not the same, because ruffles usually appear more voluminous, while ruffles fall more smoothly. Valances currently adorn many summer dresses and skirts, this applies especially to beautiful ones Garments with a wrap look.

Fashion trend: paperbag pants

The paperbag pants are not new, but you can currently see the beautiful high-waist pants everywhere. The fashion trend owes its name to the look of the waistband, because with a little imagination it looks like a crumpled paper bag. Anyone who wants to conjure up a narrow waist is well advised to wear paper bag pants, because the beautiful high-waist cut flatters the figure and conceals the belly. The trendy trousers are available in many different materials, from trousers to jeans.

Fashion trend: sunglasses

The Sunglasses are reminiscent of the early 2000s in 2020 because the glasses are getting smaller and more colorful. Narrow cat eye sunglassesThose that only cover the eyes and leave as much of the face as possible are particularly popular. Matching eyeglass chains that are attached to the sunglasses are practical and stylish at the same time so that they cannot get lost.

Fashion trend: bright colors

When it comes to color, it can really pop in 2020, because beautiful bright colors are one of the trend tones. This applies not only to colorful summer fashion, but also to statement clothing in autumn and winter.

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