tds_animation_stack India Demi Lovato: $ 1 million ring?

Demi Lovato: $ 1 million ring?

After only a few months of relationship, Demi Lovato (27, "Tell Me You Love Me") and Max Ehrich (29) got engaged. The diamond ring the actor gave to the singer may have cost experts around $ 1 million or more, according to experts.

The ring, which recently sparkles on Lovato's hand, is set with three diamonds. The central gemstone is octagonal, the two smaller ones are cut trapezoidal. Jenny Luker, President of Platinum Guild International in the United States, appreciates the central diamond according to a report by "E! News" to ten carats and therefore puts the value of the piece of jewelry at just under $ 500,000. "Since the diamonds seem to be surrounded by platinum, they sparkle even brighter," explains the expert.

A ring from Harry Winston?

Another expert even puts the value at almost a million dollars or more. The reason: the setting of the ring is similar to that of the well-known New York jeweler Harry Winston. "If he really was from Harry Winston, the purchase price would be between two and a half and three million," said Andrew Brown, managing director of WP Diamonds.

Shannon Delany-Ron, communications manager at, believes the value of the engagement gift is much lower – around $ 250,000 to $ 300,000. In addition to her assessment, she also has a possible explanation for the design of the ring: "Rings with three stones like Demis have a symbolic meaning and represent the past, the present and the future of a relationship."

Three diamonds and octagon cut are popular with the stars

The design of Demi Lovato's engagement ring seems popular among celebrities. Duchess Meghan (38, "Suits") also received a ring with three diamonds as an engagement gift from her current husband, Prince Harry (35). Singer Jennifer Lopez (51, "Let's Get Loud"), lawyer Amal Clooney (42), actress Jennifer Lawrence (29, "The Hunger Games") and musician Beyoncé (38) all wore rings with octagonal cut gemstones.

The 27-year-old singer and the two-year-old actor announced their engagement on Thursday (July 23) on their respective Instagram accounts. To several photoswho, among other things, show the couple kissing on the beach, Lovato wrote: "The moment we met for the first time, I knew that I loved you." One of the snapshots also shows the huge engagement clunk that the singer is now carrying on her finger.



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