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Demi Lovato: Your hard way to great happiness

Joyful surprise from the USA: Demi Lovato (27, "I Love Me") will get married. After a few months of relationship, the singer got engaged to actor Max Ehrich (29). The first rumors of a relationship between the two came in March, and "Instagram official" became their love in early May. The couple can be seen together in the music video for the song "Stuck with U" by Ariana Grande (27) and Justin Bieber (26). Since then, they have regularly published snapshots in love on social media. As is well known, Demi Lovato has had a difficult time.

The first drugs as a teenager

Demi Lovato has been struggling with personal problems for many years and also shares them with the public. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the age of 18. In 2015, she said in an interviewthat she suffered from depression in her younger years because of her bipolar disorder. Back then she thought something was wrong with her instead of getting the help she needed. She then started treating herself, including medication, and exhibited unhealthy behavior.

What this unhealthy behavior looked like in the YouTube documentary "Simply Complicated" from 2017 clear. In it Demi Lovato unpacks her addiction problems. She tried cocaine for the first time at the age of 17, and started alcohol early. Wild parties as well as alcohol and drug excesses once determined their lives – even at Disney times. She even smuggled the drugs onto the plane, she says. In addition, the singer and actress openly talks about her eating disorder in the documentary. "Eating is still the biggest challenge in my life," she says.

The relapse in 2018

Demi Lovato, however, seemed to be on the right track. At the age of 19 she stopped drinking alcohol and drugs. It was dry for six years, but the relapse came in 2018. A few months before she almost died of a drug overdose, she started drinking again. "I've been dry for six years, but I felt miserable. I asked myself: Why am I actually dry and more miserable than when I was drinking?", Lovato told in the spring of 2020 on the US show by Ellen DeGeneres (62).

She asked her team at the time for help. But in response, she heard that she was "very selfish" and that a relapse would not only ruin her career. She felt "completely alone". As a result, she got into a downward spiral and used alcohol and drugs again. The singer processed her relapse in the song "Sober", which was released in June 2018. At the end of July 2018, she was taken to the hospital with an overdose. Demi Lovato has been changing her life ever since.

A new life

"After that, I decided that the only way I could help myself was to take responsibility for myself," Demi Lovato told Ellen DeGeneres. One step was to get a new team by her side. Her new manager is Scooter Braun (39), who also has Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande under contract. Lovato withdrew from the public for some time.

She made her stage comeback at the Grammy Awards at the end of January 2020 and moved to tears with her performance by "Anyone". She wrote the song shortly before her overdose in 2018. At the beginning of February 2020, she caused goosebumps at the Super Bowl LIV. Lovato sang the American national anthem at the Miami stadium. Since then she has also gained a foothold as an actress. She starred in the last season of the sitcom "Will & Grace". She can also be seen in the Netflix film "Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga". In addition to the new professional start, there is also great private happiness.

Demi Lovato found the man for life

With Max Ehrich, Demi Lovato now wants to form a covenant for life. The actor was seen in the US soap opera "Shadow of Passion" as well as the series "Under the Dome" and "The Path". He is also active as a singer. The couple have only been a couple for a few months, before the corona lockdown Lovato said in an interview on US television that she was single. Since March there have been signs of a relationship with Ehrich, which they made "Instagram official" in May. They spent the corona lockdown in Los Angeles together. Ehrich is not the first celebrity colleague on Lovato's side.

When she was young, Demi Lovato was in a relationship with singer Joe Jonas (30) for a short time. There was also long speculation about a fight with Nick Jonas (27), but the two are silent. They are just friends. Lovato spent six years with actor Wilmer Valderrama (40, "The Wild Seventies"). In her YouTube documentary, she said she would always love him. After the love off with Valderrama, she was in a relationship with mixed martial arts fighter Luke Rockhold (35), after which she is said to have briefly martial artist Guilherme "Bomba" Vasconcelos (34). Her last relationship with Austin Wilson (28) broke up in late 2019.

Now her heart belongs to Max Ehrich. "I knew I loved you when I first met you," She raves about her future on Instagram. "I've never felt so unconditionally loved by anyone in my life (except my parents)." It remains to be seen whether the Blitz engagement will be followed by a Blitz wedding.



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