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Denise Richards Responds To Teddi Mellencamp After She Shades Denise – News Info Live

Denise Richards denied saying that Teddi Mellencamp lives in her dad, John Mellencamp’s, shadow, taking to Instagram to say she ‘never said’ anything of the sort.

There’s so much shade going around between the women of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that we’re practically living under palm trees! In the latest squabble between cast members Teddi Mellencamp and Denise Richards, the latter took to Instagram to tell Teddi off about allegedly dissing the 39-year-old mother-of-three for living in her dad, John Mellencamp‘s, “shadow.” Denise started out her rebuttal by posting a tweet Teddi shared on July 22.

Denise Richards responds after Teddi Mellencamp claims that Denise referred to Teddi as living in her father, John Mellencamp’s, shadow, courtesy of Instagram.

But her caption was the real highlight. “Grown ass woman stooping to that level… sorry,” Denise began the caption to her Instagram post. “I never said you live in your dad’s shadow. Ever. I don’t care what you were told,” she went on. Denise then described how truly devastated she was that Teddi fed into certain rumors about Denise — possibly linking her to Brandi Glanville, who allegedly had an affair with the 49-year-old former Bond girl.

denise richards, teddi mellencamp
Denise Richards and Teddi Mellencamp continue to stoke their drama in a new response Denise levied at Teddi after Teddi claimed that Denise said she was living in her father, John Mellencamp’s, shadow [AP Images].

“I was hurt you felt the need to share a salacious untrue rumor about my marriage, especially given you are the daughter of a famous father & know what the potential impact could’ve been with my kids & family,” she said. “That is all I have ever said about your family.” Denise then signed off with “Aka (Dennis),” in reference to the name Teddi’s father called her in the original text message he sent Teddi.

The route of this recent episode in this drama saga began with the image featured as a screenshot from Teddi’s convo with her famous dad, 68, known widely for his tune “Jack and Diane,” which she posted to Twitter. The text exchange featured John writing to his daughter, “I know you are busy living in my shadow, but,” and then sent her a meme of the two of them with the words “Dennis Richards — never heard of him.”

Teddi told her father he knew who “Denise” was, describing her as “the girl who mentions Charlie Sheen every episode!” Adding to the exchange, Teddi added in the caption to her tweet, that she “got my sense of humor from my dad’s shadow.” Yikes! But Teddi’s own source for the information came directly from Brandi, which you can see in the clip above from the July 22nd episode. Somehow, the RHOBH drama always comes full circle.

Don’t miss out on the next episode from the 10th season of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills on Wednesday, July 29, on Bravo.




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