tds_animation_stack India Duchess Meghan: "I gave up my whole life for this family"

Duchess Meghan: "I gave up my whole life for this family"

That Prince Harry's and Duchess Meghans Withdrawal from her royal duties as "Megxit" already shows the dilemma: the decision was almost entirely attributed to the prince's wife. To the outsider, the bourgeoisie who was new to the royal family. However, the biography "Finding Freedom" by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand makes it clear that this picture may not be entirely true.

"Finding Freedom": Meghan has given up her life

The British newspaper "The Times"released the first excerpts from the highly anticipated book this weekend. An insider says that some palace employees actually blamed the American for the decision to retire. Some family members, too. But according to the authors, Meghan still complained to her friends in March her suffering when she said, "I gave up my whole life for this family. I was ready to do whatever was necessary. But now we're here. It's very sad."

It was very painful for her to see how the military titles were taken away from Harry, the biography says. But it was not bigger than the royal institution, so there was nothing it could do about it.

Relationship between Meghan and Kate

There has also been a lot of speculation over the past few years relationship to Duchess Kate. And you don't need a lot of imagination to understand why women never really sparked. Meghan, the independent US actress with a thoroughly successful career, met Duchess Catherine, who had had enough time in the past years to adapt to the royal structure.

And so the "distant courtesy", as it says in "Finding Freedom", never really became. The two never spoke to each other in great detail at public appearances. Polite but not friends.

But the inequalities of Women to take as a reason for the broken relationship would be far too easy. "Finding Freedom" once again makes it clear: The actual conflict smoldered between Harry and the royal institution – long before Meghan even set foot in Buckingham Palace.

Break became apparent on Commonwealth Day

How little the family members who had originally been named "Fab Four" had to say in the end became clear at the service for Commonwealth Day in mid-March. The tension in Westminster Abbey was clearly felt.

Unlike in previous years, Meghan and Harry were not allowed to enter the church with the Queen and other senior royals – a decision about which they were not informed in advance. "Harry was more than disappointed," a friend is quoted in Finding Freedom. "He spoke up, but the damage was already done," the insider tells the authors.

The Cambridges – William and Kate – wanted to smooth the waves and decided to take a seat with Harry and Meghan. "While Harry and Meghan both greeted William and Kate with a smile, the Cambridges showed little reaction. It was the first time since January that the two couples had seen each other again." Harry ", William nodded in greeting and ignored Meghan," they describe Authors the tense scene in "Finding Freedom". Duchess Kate also ignored her sister-in-law.

Author suggests racism

One of Finding Freedom's co-authors, Omid Scobie, has hinted in The Times that racism may have played a role. "I would say there are certainly people there who want to take a look at how they see the world," said Scobie, who has had close contact with Duchess Meghan in the past.

The scene in Westminster Abbey had also hit him badly. "Meghan tried to make eye contact with Kate, the Duchess paid little attention to her. To deliberately snub her sister-in-law … I don't think this left a good taste in the couple's mouth," he told the newspaper.

Since it became known that he and Carolyn Durand would write the book about the Sussexes' break with the royal family, it had been speculated that Harry and Meghan himself might be involved. But Scobie denied these speculations. There were "no interviews with Harry and Meghan," said the 33-year-old.

source: "The Times" 1 / "The Times" 2



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