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Eva Herman: Coffee trips with brown serving

October 9, 2007 is a memorable day in German TV history. The talk show by Johannes B. Kerner leads to a scandal. With his guests Senta Berger, Margarethe Schreinemakers, Mario Barth and Eva Herman the moderator discusses the topic of "gender roles". The former "Tagesschau" spokeswoman, who had recently been criticized for her controversial statements on the National Socialist family picture, repeats her steep theses. Among other things, she will say the sentence: "Motorways were also built back then and we drive on it today." When Senta Berger is exasperated threatening to leave the show, Kerner acts. He throws Herman out of his show. It's a TV kick forever.

Almost 13 years later, Herman seems to have found its new destination. As the magazine "Spiegel" reports, the 61-year-old campaigns for property purchases on the island of Cape Breton in the Canadian province Nova Scotia. The main focus is on "German citizens with brown ideas", as the magazine quotes a businessman, and conspiracy ideologues. The aim is to build a "colony of like-minded people". A new Germania in the middle of the wilderness.

Eva Herman acts as a decoy

Hundreds of Germans had already accessed it, according to sales contracts, appraisals, court records, emails from the Canadian police from Nova Scotia, as well as protocols from those affected who did not want to be named for fear of revenge. The acquisition of land on Cape Breton, which is about four times the size of the Saarland but only has 130,000 inhabitants, was made by Herman, the conspiracy theorist Andreas Pop and property seller Frank Eckhardt threaded.

A "transatlantic Coffee ride"The" Spiegel "calls the trio's approach. Seminars are offered on the island in which the collapse of the European economic and social systems would be predicted. The only salvation, therefore, is to invest his savings on the allegedly crisis-proof Canadian island. Herman, Popp would be eager and Eckhardt offer land for sale shortly afterwards, sometimes at inflated prices, Herman's role is that of a "decoy".

Herman spreads crude conspiracy theories

The former "Tagesschau" spokeswoman is particularly popular in AfD-related circles. It broadcasts horror news on a Telegram channel. Its 135,000 subscribers are fed new conspiracy theories every day. She complains about the alleged corona hysteria and the "global vaccination alliance of Bill Gates and Angela Merkel" and warns of the supposed "invasion" of Europe by migrants from the "Arab-African-Asian" area.

"Where do you think you will be in ten years?" Kerner asked in his talk show back then. "I don't know, I can't say now that my fate has changed relatively quickly. But again: it's not that I hide away unhappily. I always see such changes as an opportunity use this subject more intensively than I could before, "replied Herman, emphasizing that she was" not a Nazi ". Thirteen years later, she is a coffee aunt and serves up pretty brown broth.

Source: The mirror (chargeable)



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