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Fantasy: "We have never had a real argument"

Martin Hein (49) and Fredi Malinowski (49) have been on the stage as fantasy for over 20 years. The Schlager duo already released their eleventh studio album entitled "10,000 colorful balloons" on Friday (July 24). So fans can look forward to new music, but the "Great Casanova Arena Tour" planned for November will be postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The start was postponed to September 16, 2021, the premiere will take place in Vienna. This is followed by 44 further concerts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Tickets already purchased remain valid, the organizer announced.

In an interview with the news agency spot on news, the two singers talk about the problems in the corona crisis, their 50th birthday next year and give tips against lovesickness.

The song "10,000 colorful balloons" is about winning back a love. What have you done for love?

Fredi Malinowski: I do something every day so that I don't lose them. I do not know what I would do to get her back after she failed, but one thing is certain: I do everything I can to ensure that it does not go to failure.

Martin Hein: I have already done crazy things to win back a love that was very important to me. Large bouquets of flowers, love songs sung, hearts drawn in the garden with a garden hose, and so on.

Her lyrics are often very romantic and emotional. Are you also a romantic in your private life?

Malinowski: Yes, a little romance is good for a relationship, but I'm not an over-romantic.

Hein: I often give flowers away or go out on the boat with my girlfriend for sunset, but it stays healthy.

In "Don't Wine" you sing about lovesickness. Do you have any tips on how to survive a painful breakup?

Malinowski: Yes, preferably with music. Music heals all wounds over time and helps survive suffering.

Hein: Meeting with friends, doing a lot. Never seek loneliness or listen to sad songs. The best medicine is to fall in love again.

With "Auf dem Tretboot" you have published your own Corona song. How much does the crisis affect you financially?

Malinowski: Well, of course it's troubling when you don't know when you can go back to work and make money, but at the moment everything is financially in the green. I have to say that I am a very economical person and not someone who is interested in branded clothes or great food in expensive restaurants. I live very down to earth.

Hein: Since we both come from less well-off circumstances, we have always lived modestly and did not throw money out of the window, so we are doing very well in this crisis.

How are you currently spending your newly gained time?

Malinowski: I am in Croatia a lot. I have a little house there and my mother is also at home there. And mom is happy to have her son with her a little more now.

Hein: I use it for gardening and new musical projects.

Are you sad that bigger concerts cannot take place at the moment?

Malinowski: Yes, it makes me very sad because I know how much our fans are looking forward to our concerts. And I also lack the closeness to our fans at our concerts.

Hein: Definitely. We have been traveling from event to event for 20 years to spend wonderful moments with our fans. That is why it is very unusual for us to spend so much time at home.

What are you most looking forward to when the crisis is over?

Hein: Finally to continue the artistic life that we were used to for so many years.

Malinowski: And finally no longer having to wear a mask. Especially now in summer it's a pain to wear them.

They have been on stage together for over 20 years. When you spend so much time together, is there sometimes an argument?

Hein: There were already differences of opinion, but we have never had a real argument. We are a perfect old couple.

Malinowski: Exactly, that never happened before. I believe that we have been together too long for disputes and can always express our opinions without one being angry with the other.

Do you also do a lot together privately?

Hein: We do that, but not regularly, because we also have our families and friends, with whom we like to spend some time when we are at home. We have almost 260 days a year in which we spend almost 24 hours a day. But this year, for example, I spent my summer vacation with my family at Fredi in Croatia.

Malinowski: Last year we were on vacation in Croatia together.

They will both turn 50 next year. What are you most proud of in your life?

Malinowski: I am proud to be able to make music with Martin for so long, and of course to my children.

Hein: I feel the same way. I am proud of our music and my family.

Are you bothered by the number?

Malinowski: No, not at all. It's just a number. I still feel quite young. 50 is the new 25.

Hein: Not at all to me, we are still called "the boys" by everyone, so we still feel young.



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