tds_animation_stack India Fashion trend: How to style a kimono as a dress in summer

Fashion trend: How to style a kimono as a dress in summer

It brings lightness and elegance into everyday life similar to the classic Diane von Fürstenberg wrap dress: the kimono is quickly put on, tied and thus the perfect summer dress. In addition, it perfectly stages the female silhouette, hides any problem areas and is the perfect outfit with its silky, light fabric on warm summer days. This summer we wear the kimono as a dress – in the office, in everyday life and even on special occasions.

The kimono as a dress: Inspired by Japanese tradition

The kimono is originally a traditional Japanese robe that took shape in the Heian period from 794 and was worn by men and women as a status symbol. Even today it can be seen in a variety of forms in the Japanese cityscape: in Kyoto as work clothes for the maikos and geishas, ​​for young bridal couples on wedding photos and as favorite clothes for sumo wrestlers.

The caftan-like garment has long been a fashion trend in the western world as well: European fashion designers were inspired by Japanese culture as early as the 19th century, and the kimono has been present at international fashion weeks for decades: 1994 in John Galliano's "Japonsime" -Show, Tom Ford brought him to Gucci in 2003 where he still a place of honor to this day occupies. The London Victoria & Albert Museum even dedicated its own exhibition to the garment this year: "Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk". But it doesn't have to be haute couture: the kimono as a dress is increasingly becoming a ready-to-wear piece.

How to wear the kimono dress in the office

Kimonos have a kaftan-like cut, with wide sleeves, which mostly fall from the wrist to the hip, and a tie belt at the waist. The traditional kimono in Japan is often decorated with meaningful images and symbols such as family seals, cherry blossoms, flowers, cranes, scrolls or landscapes.

Fashionable kimonos usually have large patterns or one clean, plain-colored look. And that is exactly what makes it perfect for the summery office look, in which you can sit comfortably at your desk all day: Flat sandals, such as mules, go best with a midi-length kimono dress. Simple white sneakers are also a good combination. The look is enhanced with chunky creoles and filigree rings.

Kimono dress for everyday wear and on the beach

The kimono is also the perfect everyday companion in summer: it is easy to take off and put on again during a shopping trip in the cabin, after the extensive lunch it hides annoying food babies and at the same time it is a real eye-catcher on the street.

For everyday life colorful pattern hip – here you can mix wild. The following applies to kimonos: the more colorful, the better. Sandals such as mules, so-called naked sandals, mules and sneakers, go well with the kimono in midi and maxi length. Mini kimonos can be combined, for example, with ankle boots, optionally with heels, or trendy flip-flops with heels. A crossbody bag makes the outfit a little more casual, a baguette bag makes the look more elegant. Fabrics such as light silk or linen are particularly pleasant on hot days.

The kimono can also go to the beach: not only is it easy to throw on, it also forms the perfect DIY changing room in public. Bright colors and fabrics like linen or Kufiya are particularly pleasant here. With a bikini underneath the garment can be worn slightly open. A large sun hat, beach shoes and a large wicker bag make the look perfect.

In silk for special occasions

For evening or on special occasions, it is best to choose soft, flowing silk as the fabric, too eye-catching patterns should be avoided. Filigree sandals with kitten heels are particularly trendy this summer and go perfectly with the kimono, just like bound sandals. With large, eye-catching earrings, the look becomes even more glamorous; a mini bag or a maxi clutch comes into your hand.



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