tds_animation_stack India "Finding Freedom": Meghan and Harry: disappointed, frustrated, misunderstood

"Finding Freedom": Meghan and Harry: disappointed, frustrated, misunderstood

In the end, you can sum up: It just didn't fit. The romantic love story between Prince Harry and the US actress Meghan Markle in the beginning gave the British monarchy an upswing, new popularity, limitless attention. But in the end the pairing of the stars and the "company" failed colossally. The biography "Finding Freedom" by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand about Meghan and Harry illuminates what exactly happened. The British newspaper "The Times" publishes the first extracts from the book.

"Finding Freedom": How Harry and Meghan planned their exit

January 2020 became the decision-making month in the palace, at least as an outsider you could judge it like that. Because in January Meghan and Harry announced that they wanted to retire as senior royals. They released a long statement that broken down their plans. What few people knew, however, was that everything should have gone very differently.

Because Prince HarryThe Queen and his father, Prince Charles, had already informed Christmas before the new biography "Finding Freedom". In an email to the two, the 35-year-old said he and Meghan want to change the way they work and spend more time abroad. He wanted to discuss the details face to face – because the prince was already suspicious. Private details had repeatedly come to the press. He obviously didn't know who the mole was.

Meeting with the Queen in January

When Harry and his wife then flew from Canada to the UK in January, they immediately wanted to meet with the Queen to discuss the plans and find a common solution. But no chance. "He felt like he was blocked," says a friend of Harry's in the biography. Not only that: first details from his private email seemed to reach the press.

And so the couple arranged a meeting with their own team to inform the employees about the future plans. Harry is still said to have been afraid that the details, which had been secret up to now, could be disclosed. With his worries, he finally turned to Queen Elizabeth II, who, it is described in the biography, agreed to publish a statement. According to "Finding Freedom", Harry is said to have read "missing warmth" from this statement. A clear signal for him that not all members support his and Meghan's decision.

Website made the Queen angry

Only hours later, the first British tabloids wrote that the couple wanted to Canada stay. Not all the details of their plan were released, but enough that Harry suspected someone must have been chatting. "Finding Freedom" has no clear position on this: Palace insiders say that Harry and Meghan themselves informed the press to get things going, the two vehemently deny this claim.

A little later, Harry and Meghan then put their newly built website online, which detailed all the plans – a step that is said to have made Buckingham Palace angry. "The helpers, including the Queen's private secretary, Edward Young, were angry. 'The private offices don't like this kind of behavior,' said a source familiar with the negotiations. 'It's deeply unhealthy and unwelcome.'" Finding Freedom ".

A key moment that apparently shaped the relationship between family members in the long term. If you believe the portrayal in the biography, Meghan and Harry might have been surprised by the anger of their relatives. Because the two are described as "impatient and impulsive", who would often change their minds and opinions.

"Sandringham Summit" became a crisis summit

In Sandringham Harry met the Queen a short time later, Prince Charles and Prince William. The meeting was called the "Sandringham Summit". But that was obviously also the case with family gatherings. After the Sandringham Summit, Prince Harry negotiated almost exclusively with employees, according to the biography – Prince William is said to have largely stayed out of the matter. A fact that Prince Harry is said to have disappointed.

The first extract from the biography paints a bleak picture. Meghan and Harry are said to have felt patronized that their concerns were not taken seriously. The sad realization: if they had been heard, the escalation could have been avoided.

source: "The Times"



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