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Fitness tips: the best exercises for a nice butt

If you want to sunbathe in short swimwear on the beach or lake shore, you should feel comfortable in it. Regular workouts can be the key to this. With the right exercises, body parts like the butt can be tightened and shaped by building muscle. You don't need more than an exercise mat, a fitness band and weights for the advanced.

Donkey kicks

The execution of the Donkey Kicks begins in the four-footed position. The elbows are straight, the head forms a straight line with the upper body. Now the right leg with the angled lower leg (90 °) is lifted back and kicked towards the ceiling. In doing so, just lift the leg up so that the upper body continues to form a straight line and does not fall into the hollow back. Then bring the leg back towards the floor, but do not put it down. Repeat the movement 20 times, then change legs.

Advanced players can also do Donkey Kicks with a fitness band to increase resistance. This can either be held with the hands or clamped under the leg resting on the floor.


Lunges are lunges that primarily train the large gluteus muscles. But leg extension and leg curl also benefit from it. Additional equipment is not required. You start standing, with your feet placed parallel and at a slight distance. The right leg lunges forward and stops moving as soon as the thigh is parallel to the floor. Attention: The knee must not protrude over the tip of the foot. Then return to the starting position and bring the left leg forward. 15 repetitions of three to five rounds per side.

If you want to increase the intensity, you can do a lung walk. Here, the lunge is not returned to the starting position, but the next lunge is made directly with the left leg.


If you want a tight butt, you cannot avoid squats. For this purpose, the feet are placed parallel to the hip, the upper body remains upright. Then bend your knees and lower your butt until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Here too, the knees must not protrude beyond the tips of the feet. The weight is mostly on the heels. Hold the position briefly, then press upwards in a controlled manner, do not fully extend your knees. Three sets of 25 reps.

Advanced users can increase the weight to be pushed up by placing a barbell on the shoulders or working with ball dumbbells, so-called kettlebells.

Glute bridge

The glute bridge is performed lying down with the heels raised. The arms rest to the right and left of the body, then it starts: Tension your butt and lift off the floor in one movement and lead upwards. In the end position, the thighs, buttocks and back should form a straight line. Hold briefly, then lower again and make sure that your back is completely on the floor. Do not stay in the hollow back. Do three sets of 20 repetitions.

The glute bridge can be intensified as a one-legged variant. Here one leg is stretched out in the air, while the other does the exercise as described. Advanced users can also place weights on the pelvis to increase resistance.



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