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Frizz: The best care tips for frizzy hair

Statistically speaking, people with curly or wavy hair are more likely to have frizz. Translated, by the way, the term means "frizzy hair". However, this does not mean that your mane will never become independent if you have straight hair – on the contrary: there are many external factors that can attack your hair structure and dry it out. As a result, hair not only looks brittle, but loses its shine. And as if that wasn't bad enough, they start to curl and / or stick out of your head. At the latest now you should admit that you suffer from frizz. But there is also good news: You can tame your hair again with the right care products.

This is how frizz is created: these are the most common causes

Each hair consists of three layers: cuticle, cortex and medulla. The outermost layer (cuticle) is also called the cuticle layer and protects healthy hair from external influences by its scales lying close together and reaching over each other up to the tips. However, if the hair is damaged or brittle, the cuticle layer roughened – as a result, the hair dries out and it tries to compensate for the loss of moisture by absorbing moisture from the air. However, if this humidity gets under the cuticle, the hair begins to curl. Say: Frizz is a result of dry or brittle hair. But what are the causes behind this phenomenon?

The most common reasons for dry hair include heating air, sunbathing and regular hair coloring. But the frequent use of flat irons also attacks the cuticle. And even hats or turtlenecks can promote frizz – this is due to the electrostatic charge. In addition, people with naturally frizzy or wavy hair are significantly more susceptible to frizz when exposed to high humidity than people with straight hair. It is all the more important to use the right care products that provide your hair with sufficient moisture. You can find out which products are particularly suitable for preventing frizz in the next paragraph.

When the hair is curling or sticking out of the head, one speaks of frizz

Treat frizz correctly: These care products help

  • When washing your hair, use a moisturizing shampoo, ideally in combination with a nourishing one hair conditioner or Anti-frizz balm.
  • Groom your hair regularly with one Hair treatmentthat provides your unruly hair with moisture on the one hand and with important nutrients on the other.
  • Use one Hair serum or Overnight smoothing against frizz, which seals your hair and thus traps moisture in the cuticle.
  • Style your hair using fixative Anti-frizz sprays, best with an anti-static effect or especially for curly hair.
  • Massage a nurturing Hair oil or a hair cream on the surface of your towel-dried hair if you already have frizzy hair, i.e. frizz.

Prevent Frizz: With these tips it works

To prevent your hair from drying out and starting to curl, you can take some preventive measures. On the one hand, regular brushing of your hair is one of them. It is best to use a coarse-toothed comb or a so-called Tangle Teezer: Both are more suitable than fine hair brushes to distribute the natural oils of your hair on your head. On the other hand, it is better not to wash your hair too often, but only every two to three days. You can also use silk pillow cases for sleeping or put a silk scarf over your pillow, as silk has an antistatic effect – and thus prevents frizz.

And last but not least, blow-drying also plays a crucial role: Usually it is always said that it is better to let your hair air dry. For people with frizzy or wavy hair, or those who also have frizz, it is actually better to use a hair dryer. Due to the heat, the cuticle layers close faster and therefore do not absorb moisture from the air and begin to fluff up. Here, however, you should use a nourishing heat protection spray that additionally seals the cuticle layer and thus protects your hair from drying out.

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