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Ghislaine Maxwell could provide evidence – to save herself

She is probably the woman who knows the most about Jeffrey Epstein's criminal machinations that spanned three decades. Now was Ghislaine Maxwell even charged in six points after hiding for a year. Maxwell is expected for the first time in New York's court next Friday, but because of the corona pandemic, she will not be there herself, but will be switched on.

Ghislaine Maxwell on trial: will she be the crown witness?

The day is eagerly awaited in the media coverage. The British tabloid "Daily Mail" in particular is certain that the British will unpack. "If it goes down, it takes everyone," the newspaper quotes an insider. Maxwell is said to have documents such as photos and videos that prove everything that Epstein and his friends have done for decades. If the information in the "Daily Mail" is correct and the suspect actually has evidence of guilt, that could determine her defense strategy. "The leniency program would be the simplest. The media prejudice is immense. You stand with your back to the wall," said defense lawyer Dr. Alexander Stevens the star. Convince a jury of your own innocence after Epstein Telling victims on television of their martyrdom in tears is hard.

It would make more sense for the defense to negotiate with the public prosecutor. "The system is completely different from ours in Germany. The public prosecutors have a relatively free hand. This is often criticized because there is an accusation that you can buy yourself free," explains Dr. Stevens. "You have all options. From complete impunity to giving her immunity – then she couldn't be prosecuted for all the points. You could also offer her a recommendation to the court. Anything is possible. If So if she has any evidence, I'm sure she could get away with a great deal, "he says.

A statement alone is of no use

Such a deal would lead to more perpetrators being caught. For the Public prosecutor if he had the greatest possible benefit, Maxwell himself could mitigate her sentence. And that would be – if she was found guilty – immense: there is up to 30 years imprisonment per crime just for seducing minors together. For spending minors to be sexually exploited, 20 years per crime. And for perjury, which she is said to have committed in 2016, there are five years in prison. Unlike in Germany, the prison sentences for the individual items are added up in the USA.

So everything depends on whether Ghislaine Maxwell really does proofs and documents. "If she had nothing to offer, any leniency program would be obsolete. A mere statement would not be worth anything, because then statement against statement would be. If she says: 'Clinton was there', he says: 'Not true.' However, if she has a video, it would be different, "explains the lawyer.

The defendant is currently at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York. She was not allowed to pay a deposit to be released until the trial. The danger of escape is too great. "You learned from the Polanski case: Because she also has French citizenship and France does not deliver," explains Dr. Stevens.

On Friday it will be shown which strategy the defense will choose and whether Maxwell can actually deliver – to save their own skin.

source: "Daily Mail"



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