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Here are Some Interesting Ways to Use a Wall Fan at Home

Technology is advancing with each passing day. With the advancement in technology, our desire to own these brilliant gadgets and gizmos has also increased. Nowadays, you don’t have to spend over your limit to own a smart device. Gadgets come at an affordable price so that everyone has access to the latest technology. A person who is working or owns a business does not have the time to check his phone from time to time, as it is a waste of time. For a professional, time is money; thus, he cannot waste his time. Hence comes to his smart rescue watches. A smartwatch liberates you from the trouble of reaching out to your phone to check it. Therefore it gives the dual benefit of a clock and your very own tiny device to check your notifications. One can also invest their money in the best cheap smartwatch to make their life simpler and more accessible.

Why should you invest in a smartwatch today?

Nothing is better than owning a wearable piece of technology so that you do not need to worry about your phone all the time. For a long time, people wanted a breakthrough in technology that is wearable, and thus a smartwatch is a perfect innovation for the same. You can check essential emails within seconds or track your steps while working out all by wearing this fantastic device. Are you looking for a reason to buy one? Here are some reasons why you require it.

Find your smartphone – Are you one of those people who keep forgetting their smartphone at various places? If so, then worry not. We all have busy schedules, and at one point or another, we may myspace our phones. Thus buying a smartwatch would assist you in finding your phone by tracking its location using GPS. The sensors in the smartwatch help track the real-time location of your phone. Hence you can keep your expensive smartphones secured from theft by investing in this piece of technology.

Play music on the go – Everyone loves music. Be it riding a car alone or hitting the gym, we love to listen to music. Owning a smartwatch makes listening to music easier as you can play music with the touch of a button. You can connect it with any equipment and play music on the go. Hence you can pause, play, and change your music without any hassle. Also doesn’t need to buy a costly watch for these features as the best cheap smartwatches also offer these features.

Keep track of your fitness – With the number of diseases increasing rapidly, people have become more concerned about being fit. We all have hectic schedules, whether we are working as a salaried person or owning a business. Thus one may not find time to keep track of their health. A smartwatch keeps you updated with your heart rate, walking steps, calories consumed and burnt, etc. If you have a person at home who has health problems, you can give this device to them to keep track of their fitness, and with the emergency button option, you can call an ambulance with a touch of a button. They are hence securing you and your family from health problems.

Technology has advanced so rapidly that you don’t need to shell out money by breaking your savings or take a loan to buy one. A lot of top brands have smartwatches at an affordable price. Thus you can save your money by investing in a cheaper watch. Here are a few smartwatches you can buy under $500 in 2020 curated by our expert reviews. ( Prices may differ )

Samsung Smart Watch ( Price $346 ) is one of the freshest wearable pieces from one of the most popular smartphone brands, Samsung. Along with coming at a reasonable rate, this watch is one of the best from the company. It is light in weight and has a splendid design. It comes with a battery backup of upto 7 hours, and it is compatible with Android and iOS. Coming from one of the most trusted brands, it is a must-buy for every tech freak out there.

Apple Watch Series 3 ( Price – $266 ) – While there are many latest versions of the Apple Watch Series launched in the market recently. Still, to date, Series 3 is unbeatable in terms of sound quality at a reasonable price. While Watch 4 has been taken off the market, this has still been a top choice of consumers. The watch’s cost has dropped to $107, so you don’t have to wait to buy a smartwatch. While Watch 3 has all the functions that its successor has, but one of its demerits is that it has a smaller screen.

Apple Watch 5 series ( The best buy for iPhone lovers ) ($505) – If you own an iPhone and are looking for the best investment at a cost that suits your budget, then it is the one. The feature, which is a highlight in this one, is that it is always on display. But the battery backup of this one is not that good. One may find similar features in other smartwatches as well, but this might be the best choice for an iPhone lover. For fitness freaks, the good news is that it comes with an ECG feature to help keep track of your health. The fact that the price is still too high and only compatible with an iPhone makes you want to reconsider buying it. And not to forget it does not have a sleep tracking feature.

Ticwatch E2 (Best value smartwatch ) ( $195) – If you have a set budget of about $150 and you cannot afford to go beyond that, then this might be the best choice for you. It is a lightweight watch that comes at a value for money as it has almost all features that you need in a smartwatch at this price. It may have a plastic body but has an appealing design than many other smartwatches at this rate. It is equipped with an inbuilt GPS and 4gb of storage and only lacks a bullet in the speaker. It does not come with a swim tracker so you can buy its latest versions if you’re still keen on having a swim tracker then you can go for the latest versions of the same.

Although there might be a plethora of options to choose from when buying a smartphone, it is essential to filter out your choice based on your requirements in a watch. You might want to consider factors such as unique features, battery life, GPS tracking, design, and fitness tracking while choosing your best buy. A set budget can help you in filtering your choice. If you look forward to getting all the features, then you might go for an expensive smartwatch. Thus these reviews will help you choose the best from numerous options. One can also consult other buyers while refining their search for the same. Our reviewers have curated the best ones for 2020 to help you invest your money in the best smartwatch. 



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