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Izabela Rose & Siena Agudong – News Info Live

Disney Channel Voices will be releasing a new music video featuring ‘Upside-Down Magic’ stars Izabela Rose and Siena Agudong. HL has an EXCLUSIVE first look before its Disney Channel on-air debut!

Upside-Down Magic stars Izabela Rose and Siena Agudong have put their voices together for the new song “A Place For Us.” Disney Channel Voices will be releasing the music video for “A Place For Us,” and it will make its on-air debut July 24 on Disney Channel immediately after Raven About BUNK’D. The DisneyMusicVEVO premiere of the music video is July 29.

“A Place For Us” is an uplifting and fun song about friendship. The entire video was filmed remotely in two different states. It’s clear that Izabela and Siena had such a fun time filming this video.

Izabela Rose and Siena Agudong are putting their voices together for ‘A Place For Us.’ (Disney Channel)

Izabela and Siena revealed to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY about filming “A Place For Us” completely remotely. “My favorite part about filming this at home was that I had the opportunity to learn what it takes to produce something!” Izabela said. “Thankfully, we had Disney’s talented team help us remotely through Zoom, and they taught us tons of new and old techniques to bring it all together. My Mommy and Papi were a big part of this music video and it was an incredible experience to create something as a family together. Normally, we would have done this at a studio! It was the ultimate DIY project!

Siena said: “My favorite part of shooting the music video at home was being able to film at the comfort of my own home. I mean I could literally ‘take 5’ in my own room. It was so different having a two person-non virtual team — my mom and I — but we both had a lot of fun throughout the shoot. I remember my mom had to toss popcorn in my mouth and we were wheezing laughing because we couldn’t get it right.”

Izabela Rose Siena Agudong
The ‘Upside-Down Magic’ stars filmed the music video completely remotely! (Disney Channel)

Filming the music video definitely caused some challenges for both of the girls. “The most challenging part of the shoot was definitely filming outside in the Hawai’i heat and humidity,” Siena revealed. “Multiple things happened as a result of the heat! Our iPhone that we used as our camera would overheat randomly and turn off in the middle of filming. We had to wait for it to cool off and then put the phones underneath umbrellas. Not to mention, having to dance outside in the heat and appear like you weren’t tired or sweating was very hard! I was constantly powdering myself and dabbing the sweat. Growing up, I watched people in music videos sing and dance while they remained calm and put together. I now know that’s not the case behind the scenes. At least not for me!”

For Izabela, the most challenging part of the shoot was the last day of filming. “We were shooting on the beach at a lake, but it was so crowded with people that we had to change locations three times,” she said. “We had to really think on our feet to find a solution. It was a true team effort! In the end, everything worked out and we found a more private area by the lake, and there was also a gorgeous sunset!”

The co-stars were so honored to be able to team up once again before Upside-Down Magic premieres on July 31. This is both Izabela and Siena’s first music video and song for Disney Channel. Izabela raved about how much Siena has taught her since starting their Upside-Down Magic journey. “Siena was the first cast member of Upside-Down Magic that I ever met, and because she has been in the industry longer than me – she has also taught me so much,” Izabela said. “She has been like a mentor to me throughout this journey with UDM. It is so amazing to also share this music video for ‘A Place For Us’ with her before the movie comes out. It is a dream come true!”

Izabela Rose Siena Agudong
Izabela Rose and Siena Agudong play BFFs in ‘Upside-Down Magic.’ (Disney Channel)

They both opened up about the message they hope to send with the song.  “I hope kids take away the powerful message in the lyrics of this song that there is a place for all people in this world,” Izabela told HollywoodLife. “What makes you unique is beautiful! Everyone has a lot of pressure on them to look or act a certain way, especially right now because of social media. We have to realize our differences are what make us special.”

Siena said she is “so grateful that this music video is coming out during these difficult times while we are all away from each other. I hope that kids will see the power of being there for each other. Izabela is in Atlanta, while I am in the Hawai’i. We’re over 4,000 miles away from each other, but in the music video, we are virtually right next to each other. It just shows how important it is to know that although you may be physically apart, your bond can still be strong. You will get through this! You just need to be there for each other. Izabela and I had so much fun filming this music video! I was so excited to see it all come together since we were not able to actually dance through the song next to each other!”




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