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Kanye West: Rapper's family is "powerless"

Kim Kardashian (39) speaks openly about the bipolar disorder of her husband Kanye West (43, "Yeezus") for the first time. In her Instagram Stories the media and the public for compassion and understanding to be able to master the difficult situation.

"As many of you know, Kanye has bipolar disorder," Kardashian opens her statement. "I have never spoken publicly about how (the disease) affects us at home because I am very protective when it comes to our children and Kanye's right to privacy in relation to his health." But now she reports to clear up stigmata and misconceptions about mental health.

"Incredibly complicated and painful"

Kardashian explains that everyone, even those affected or families with sick people, know how "incredibly complicated and painful" it can be to understand such a disorder. Anyone who is familiar with mental illnesses knows "that the family is powerless unless the person affected is a minor." The patient himself had to actively seek help, no matter how much family and friends wanted it.

Kardashian also describes her husband as a "brilliant but complicated personality". Those who knew West better knew that his words sometimes did not correspond to his intentions. The rapper not only had to deal with the pressure of being an artist and black, he also had to face the painful loss of his mother Donda (1949-2007). Pressure and isolation are much worse for him due to his disorder. At the same time, the illness did not override his dreams or creative ideas, "no matter how big or unreachable they may seem to some". Finally, Kardashian thanked everyone who expressed concern and understanding.

West is causing a stir

West, who wants to become the President of the United States, had previously caused a stir with confused – and later deleted – tweets and a controversial campaign appearance. In this he had talked in a protective vest and in tears, among other things, that he wanted to have his daughter North (7) aborted. He "almost killed her," but his wife Kim protected the child.

West has also spoken about his illness in the past. In 2018, the rapper described the bipolar disorder as "super power" on his album "Ye". According to his own statement, he had stopped taking medication because it should have restricted his creativity.



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