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Kim Hawthorne On Kerissa’s Big Regret & That Will – News Info Live

Her plot to harm Jacob has made Kerissa any individual lovers like to hate. But even the actress who performs her admits that this time the scorned spouse will have long past too some distance.

The newest episode of Greenleaf ends on a cliffhanger and sees [SPOILER ALERT] the circle of relatives face the truth that they will lose their house.

As lovers know, the entire scenario started in Season Four when Kerissa Greenleaf (performed by way of Kim Hawthorne) attempted to blackmail her husband Jacob (Lamman Rucker) by way of thrusting a will in his face.

Kim Hawthorne has performed Kerissa on ‘Greenleaf’ for the final 5 years. (Courtesy of OWN)

The will, she claims, proves that his dad, Bishop James Greenleaf (Keith David), dedicated homicide to fraudulently download their lavish space. It’s a plot this is poised to explode in her face and Kim says that – out of the whole thing that Kerissa has executed lately – it’s the only factor she feels feel sorry about.

“That is something that she regrets,” Kim, 52, tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “If you take a look at it, [the house] was once a legacy for her youngsters as neatly and, irrespective of what’s occurring between Jacob and her (as a result of relationships have united states of americaand downs), this is her circle of relatives nonetheless.

“Sometimes hurt people hurt people and I feel like that’s kinda where Kerissa is this season. She’s acting out. She’s lashing out. But did she expect that it would ever go this far? Absolutely not.”

Kerissa and Jacob’s united states of americaand downs were marred by way of his widespread philandering and his incapacity to carry down a task. For the primary 3 seasons Kerissa took him again again and again, however in Season 4, one thing modified. Most particularly she had an affair, stuck chlamydia and gave it to Jacob. Those issues, Kim says, Kerissa completely does now not remorseful about.

“Does he regret sleeping with the lady in the church? Does he regret cheating on [Kerissa] before that?” she asks. “There’s always a double standard.” Before filming began on Season Four of the display Kim says she requested the writers, “When is Kerissa going to get hers? When is she going to do something for herself, as opposed to continuously recommitting to her dysfunctional situation?”

In Season 4, she provides, “That’s when she said, ‘I’m gonna get mine, no matter what.’” “And that’s when you saw her manipulating to get the house, manipulating with the will,” Kim says, “because now she’s thinking about herself. Before she was not.”

As for the lovers who remove darkness from Twitter each and every Tuesday evening slamming Kerissa for her movements, Kim makes some legitimate issues. “I always say people get so distracted by Lamman Rucker’s good looks that they never really want to look at what his character is [doing] on the show,” the New Jersey-born actress says. “I think women are like, ‘Well, if I was her, I would just love him no matter what.’ It’s not true. If Jacob’s character was ugly, y’all would have kicked him to the curb!”

As the hit collection attracts to an in depth, Kim displays on what it’s been like enjoying Kerissa for 5 seasons. “I’ve enjoyed playing this strong, black woman,” she says. “Natural hair. Brown skin, paper bag or darker. She’s an authentic version of a woman that I know. I have been raised by these women… I’m so proud to have been able to bring her to the screen, because I feel like this woman has been marginalized in our American society.”

The 5th and ultimate season of Greenleaf airs on OWN on Tuesdays at 9pm EST/PST.




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