tds_animation_stack India Kim Kardashian and Co .: These mega stars are billionaires too

Kim Kardashian and Co .: These mega stars are billionaires too

You could always earn a lot of money in the world of entertainment, but it wasn't enough for the Olympus of the super rich before the turn of the millennium. But in recent years, more and more stars and asterisks in the entertainment industry have surpassed the magic billion mark, of course mostly thanks to their numerous company investments. Recent example: Kim Kardashian (39), which is said to have now exceeded this threshold.

The beauty queen sold 20 percent of her own cosmetic line to the beauty company Coty for a total of 200 million U.S. dollar and is now said to weigh more than a billion dollars. At least that's what her husband Kanye West (43) claims, who even congratulated his wife in an Instagram story. He is proud of his Kim, who has created a real empire in recent years.

Few entertainment stars are billionaires

Kardashian is now one of a handful of other illustrious personalities who have become real billionaires as part of the entertainment industry. Above all, of course, her husband, who has only been there since April 2020 according to the US business magazine "Forbes" with $ 1.3 billion added. West, however, complained to the magazine and claimed that its assets were around 3.3 billion. According to the "Forbes" experts, colleague Jay-Z (50) passed this high hurdle in 2019.

"Star Wars" creator George Lucas (75) is even the 375 richest person in the world with an estimated $ 5.3 billion and his colleague Steven Spielberg (73) with 3.6 billion still manages to rank 514. The US talker Oprah Winfrey also joins this illustrious group with an estimated net worth of $ 2.6 billion. But that's it: there are no more billionaires from the entertainment industry.

However, some colleagues are currently scratching the brand and will soon be included in the round. The "Sunday Times" reported last summer that the British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran (29) was on the way to becoming a billionaire. His last year's "Divide" tour alone would have brought him around 420 million US dollars in the coffers.

According to "Forbes"He has not yet torn the mark yet, but is expected to do so before his 30th birthday in February 2021. The rap greats P. Diddy (50) and Dr. Dre (55), whose fortunes are at 820 and An estimated $ 800 million will also be traded as future billionaires.

Kylie Jenner isn't that rich

At least in the case of the latter, however, his upcoming divorce could put a spanner in the works. His woman Nicole Young is said to have already submitted the papers because of irreconcilable differences. US media reports that there would be no marriage contract, according to which Dr. Dre would probably have to hand over a large proportion of his assets to his still-wife.

By the way: Kim Kardashian's half sister, Kylie Jenner (22), contrary to media reports to the contrary, is not supposed to be a billionaire. The "Forbes" magazine removed them from the list a few weeks ago. Your company is "significantly smaller" than expected. The 22-year-old has artificially exaggerated the value of her cosmetics company, even speculating about false tax assessments. Some of the ultra-rich are "desperate" and are trying to "look even richer," the report said. In reality, it was "only" 900 million dollars …

No comparison to the really super rich in the world

A glance shows which peanuts the entertainment stars are dealing with here to the really richest people in the world: Amazon boss Jezz Bezos (56) has assets of around $ 113 billion on the credit side. Microsoft founder Bill Gates (64) in second place still 98 billion. And the Germans? Lidl owner Dieter Schwarz is the richest German individual with 19.8 billion US dollars, followed by BMW co-owner Susanne Klatten (57) with 16.8 billion. In first place are Beate Heister (68) and Karl Albrecht Junior (72) with assets of $ 33.3 billion. They are the children of Karl Albrecht, who owned the larger half of the supermarket chain with Aldi Süd.

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