tds_animation_stack India Lena Gercke presents her after-baby body on Instagram

Lena Gercke presents her after-baby body on Instagram

Lena Gercke became a mother for the first time on July 6th. With her partner Dustin Schöne, the first "Germany's next top model" winner got a daughter. Since then it has been quieter on hers Instagram– become an account. The small family enjoys the time of three and gets used to each other.

Now, two weeks after the birth, there was a new posting on the account of the new mother for the first time. Lena Gercke presented herself casually in front of the mirror to her followers in a sleeveless crop top and sweatpants. Her outfit comes from her own fashion collection.

Lena Gercke shows her after-baby body on Instagram

"No more time to iron," wrote the presenter under the selfie, apologizing for the slightly wrinkled pants. The outfit got less attention than Lena Gerckes Body that comes into its own in the outfit. The waist of the 32-year-old looks almost as slim again as before the pregnancy.

Many followers showered the model with praising words. Influencer and moderator Riccardo Simonetti commented about: "Wow!" And other Instagram users were also impressed by the sight: "You look great after the birth!", "You beautiful freshly baked mom" and "This figure after pregnancy!" is written in the comments.

Followers criticize: "Not the reality"

Others are also annoyed and pressured by the sight: "Nicethat you look so good again shortly after giving birth, but that's not the reality, "says one user, for example. There are almost 200 answers under the comment. Many users criticized the commentator for her statement. A follower explained, for example: "Yes, that is a reality for some women. I also fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes 14 days after birth. Every body is different. "Others also agree and find that one should stop comparing oneself and being able to decide what is normal and what is not.

Lena Gercke showed up again and again during workouts during pregnancy. No wonder: as a model, a trained body is of course important. The 32-year-old did not have any unhealthy desires either: during pregnancy, she only had a desire for watermelon – and that really does not have a negative impact on weight.

Source used: Instagram Lena Gercke



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