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Local issue that generated from on the instant altercation- SSB DG | India-Nepal border Firing |

The unprecedented incident where at least one Indian has been killed and two others injured in a firing by Nepal border police. The Nepalese border guarding force opened fire on a crowd killing a 22 year old Indian man and injuring two others following an altercation.

The incident has sparked tension along the indo-nepal border along the Bihar’s Sitamadi district the border guarding force Nepalese armed police force also detained a person identified as 45year-old Lagaan Yadav after this incident. Today’s incident occurred at around 8:40 a.m. and about 134 kilometers from Patna, which is the capital of the Indian state of Bihar. Reports vary where exactly the incident occurred, whether it occurred on the Indian or the Nepalese side of the border. The deceased however has been identified as 22 year old Vicki Yadav. The Indian Sima Susaksha Force, the border guarding force has sent a report to the Indian Home Ministry. The incident comes in the midst of a raging boundary dispute between the two countries with India sternly asking Nepal not to resort to any artificial enlargement of territorial claims after Kathmandu released a new political map laying claim over lipulekh lake, kala pani and limpiadora. New Delhi maintains that these were part of Uttrakhand while Kathmandu in its latest map had shown them as part of Western Nepal.


Meanwhile this is a shocking incident where at least one Indian has died and the other two have been injured in this firing by Nepalese border forces after allegedly a clash. Meanwhile DG director general SSB has issued a statement saying a local issue led to altercation which was avoid. He said “Nepal as if is alleged and it is said by Nepali people that they objected to this saying that the lockdown in Nepal can continues up to 14th of June so they wanted him to go away this led to some altercation avoidable altercation I will say because this was completely local issue that generated from an instant altercation sothis led topeople coming from conversa village andthey started arguing then loggin the other was apprehended they it is beingLS by Nepal EPF that all the villagersbecame aggressive and they had to openfire 15 downs of fire ten rounds werefired in the air and this the villagersare saying that they got aggressiveNepal APF got aggressivethey fired so this is a version and cometell worsen that is subject matter ofinvestigation V ohms principlediplomatic correspondence at Hancevilleadjoining us live Siddhanta coming toyou for all the updates on this on thisisolated incident really you know wherean Indian has been killed many othersinjured by this fighting by Pakistanborder security guards how will thisimpact relations between India and Nepalwell yes it’s right to say it’s anisolated incident because never ever hassuch kind of incident has happened andwe have heard what the SSB which mansthe India Nepal border has to say thatit’s a local incident it’s a local caseof altercation but it comes at a timewhen the relationship between kathmanduand new delhi hasn’t been very good infact tomorrow that is we know that theparliament of nepal the lower house willtake up the amendment the arms of kotawhere the map offer the nepal will beamended we know that last month theNepali government came out whether itsmap which showed Indian territories asits own territory sir and this claim hasbeen something that has been 200 yearold but suddenly the ultra nationalisticgovernment in Kathmandu said that theywould like to have this map and oncethis is passed in the lower house itwill go in the upper house and after thePresident of Nepal signs it it willbecome a law and give a constitutionalbacking a 2d map nothing changes on theground but what changes is the fact tiesbetween New Delhi and KathmanduKathmandu has been saying that theywould like to have border talks withIndia but India has said it’s up toNepal to create the positive environmentthe positive environment means that asuch kind of insinuations coming fromthe Nepali government is surely going tohurt the government to government tiesbut when it comes to people-to-peopleties we knowthat Indian government is yesterdayreiterated the long-standingcivilizational ties the vid that thepeople of Nepal and also talk about howIndia has been helping Nepalwelcome to the Cova crisis in factdespite the long run on both sides of ofthe border in Nepal and India the tradewent through smoothly between the twocountries especially given the fact thatNepal is a landlocked country but bylarge today’s incident is something thatis going to raise the temperatureespecially here in Delhi given the factthat how Thais have been and the forcewe know that the SSV has sent a reportto the MHA which is the parent ministryunder which it comes and of both sidesthe Indian officers have been speakingto the Nepali counterpart as well tomake sure that it does not becomes alarger issue as they have beenreiterating that it’s a local issue andit should not become larger but ofcourse the timing is something that issurely going to be be noted by by themandarins here in Delhi because it doesnot bode well for the relationshipbetween India and Nepal absolutely. This also comes at atime when KP only government itself isfacing a lot of criticism back homethey’ve been large-scale protests inKathmandu and other locations acrossNepal where people have alleged that theKP oli government indulged in corruptionas far as its battle against over covid-19 pandemic is concerned we’ll keep an outhow today’s incident effects indo-nepalties.



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