tds_animation_stack India Luna Schweiger: emotional farewell words to her ex-boyfriend

Luna Schweiger: emotional farewell words to her ex-boyfriend

Actress Luna Schweiger (23) mourns the loss of her ex-boyfriend Marvin. "The world has felt a bit emptier since last Saturday. There are no words to describe how incredibly terrible what happened to Marvin is," said the 23-year-old in the "Bild" newspaper.

There Luna Schweiger also writes: "Marvin was a great person who could make everyone laugh – no matter how bad-tempered you were. He was interested in everyone, he was a passionate listener and was always open to everything and everyone." She added: "I have never known anyone who has been able to ask so many questions about a subject in which he was not a specialist! He was always sunshine and always came with a bright grin, full of energy and joie de vivre. Marvin had his whole life still ahead of him, but he has already achieved so much in his short time in this world. He has started so many activities at a young age. (…) "

Til Schweiger mourns on Instagram

"My whole family and I will love and remember him forever and I express my deepest condolences to his family, his friends and everyone who knew him," Luna Schweiger also explains, among other things. Meanwhile, the actress's father also spoke up. Til Schweiger (56) writes on Instagram: "Marvin- I loved you! As if you were my own son! I miss the words to describe how much I loved you! You were a lighthouse in this world! Your joy, your curiosity, your tolerance , your empathy, your interest in your fellow human beings and your willingness to help were unique! (…) "

The post also says: "I was and will always be sooo proud of you because you were a very special person who was able to give soooo much love! I will always – as long as I live – your incredible Feel energy and never forget – my heart is broken and still I am infinitely grateful to have met you and above all to have spent time with you! "

Luna, Lilli, Valentin, Emma and Dana are "deeply shaken", continues Til Schweiger, "just like all our friends who had the chance to get to know you. We all mourn with your family, your parents, your brother and everyone else ! It pulls our hearts out when we think of her and her pain ". In the end the actor explains: "You were in this world to shine and the only consolation I have is to imagine that you are now shining somewhere else and waiting for us! See you on the other side! Your Til".



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