tds_animation_stack India Maike Bollow only found out about her mother's death months later

Maike Bollow only found out about her mother's death months later

Actress Maike Bollow and her mother had no contact for years. The 77-year-old died unexpectedly at the beginning of the year – and the actress had no idea about it for months. Only when the Bremen District Court sent her the sad news in a letter almost half a year later was she confronted with it. "It was a shock for me to find out," said the "Red Rose" star in an interview with the "Bild" newspaper.

Accordingly, there was no contact between Bollow and her mother for about 18 years. And for a reason that is incomprehensible to them: "We had a disagreement at the time. In my view, it was a trivial matter, possibly not for my mother," says Bollow in retrospect.

Maike Bollow angry with her stepfather

She had almost two decades on a call from her mother waited, explains the 56-year-old. Until the very end she had hoped for a clarifying conversation. Now she has to process that her mother is no longer there and that she could not even say goodbye. She now reproaches her stepfather for this: "My stepfather did not find it necessary to inform me," Maike Bollow continues. "It was my mother. I would have had a right to say goodbye. That is disrespectful of him," says the actress.

"I couldn't even say goodbye." In order to say goodbye, Maike Bollow buried a photo of her mother in the forest. Because she wasn't at the funeral. Bollow does not know what her mother died of at the age of 77.

Maike Bollow has worked as an actress since the 80s. In the mid-nineties she got the first major roles. Between 2013 and 2014 she worked through "Rote Roses"A name. In the telenovela, the 56-year-old embodied the fashion designer Tine Hedelund in over 200 episodes.

Source used: "Image" newspaper (Payment content)

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