tds_animation_stack India Mats Hummels presents his Instagram abyss

Mats Hummels presents his Instagram abyss

"After a really long season, people are just recovering … (and the last game here was kept quiet)." So Mats Hummels announced his vacation a fortnight ago. Since then, the fans of the BVB defender have been able to turn him on Instagram Watch while splashing in the lake or see lazy resting on the lounger. But on Sunday the big surprise: Hummels posted a photo of himself with a huge bottle of champagne in the evening. Dressed only in swimming trunks, he pours the noble concoction onto friends on a yacht in the sea. Well, party instead of asceticism with the BVB star and national soccer player?

But the photo is a reaction to a conversation with comedian Felix Lobrecht. Hummels was in it a few weeks ago Mixed Hack Podcast to guest. In it, the soccer star reported of his "biggest bad buy". "I ordered a bottle of alcohol as a gag," said Hummels. But when the Magnum champagne was delivered, everyone had already forgotten the joke. Since then the bottle has been standing around with him and taking up space. "It looks really proletarian," said Hummels.

Hummels then asked Lobrecht to send a photo of it. He kept his word. In his Instagram story, Hummels asked if he should upload a photo of it. The answer was clear. "After the vote is like a landslide victory at around 6900 to 900, my personal Instagram abyss comes here," writes the 31-year-old and published the decadent champagne picture.

Mats Hummels doesn't take a sip

One of the first likes came from Felix Lobrecht personally, who posted three bottle emojis. Joko Winterscheidt also spoke. "How do you keep it cool for a long time ?! You must have a perverted large fridge!" Wrote the moderator. Hummels can not care if the champagne was chilled. Because he had previously announced: "I don't like it. I don't take a sip of it."



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