tds_animation_stack India Meghan & Harry: 100 days "Megxit": soup kitchen instead of glamor

Meghan & Harry: 100 days "Megxit": soup kitchen instead of glamor

Rubber gloves instead of classy wardrobes, soup kitchens instead of receptions: Prince Harry (35) and Duchess Meghan (38) approach their lives in California in an entirely glamorous way.

On Thursday (July 9th) the «Megxit», her detachment from the British royal family, was already 100 days ago. However, there are still few public appearances of the couple in their new adopted home Los Angeles. And if so, the royals showed up at charities with their shirt sleeves rolled up.

At the end of June, the couple helped out in the “Homeboy Industries” bakery, where former gang members and ex-prisoners work, “completely committed and very informal”, project founder Greg Boyle told the US magazine “People”. With mouthguards, rubber gloves and hairnets in the middle of the corona pandemic, the two were barely recognizable. Just a few weeks after giving up their royal duties at the end of March and after a short stopover on Vancouver Island in Canada, they were already giving meals to the sick and needy in the metropolis of Los Angeles.

Such insights into her life are rare, especially when it comes to little Archie. For the first birthday of their son, they published a video in early May in which Meghan from her children's book “Duck! Rabbit! » reads aloud, the small family looked completely relaxed. Queen Elizabeth II (94) has not seen her little great-grandson for months. Together with her husband Prince Philip (99), she perseveres in the corona crisis at Windsor Castle near London. She keeps in touch with Harry and other royals by phone and video call.

March 31 was the last day as full-time royals for Harry and Meghan. They agreed on a clear break with the royal family and wanted to be financially independent. In the coming year, the queen wants to review all agreements made with the couple. This also includes the waiver of the lucrative “Sussex Royal” brand and the title “Royal Highness”.

What do they live on now? Meghan said she was doing business again in a lawsuit against the British newspaper Mail on Sunday, which involved publishing a letter to her father. What exactly it does is not publicly known. Financially, the two have a good cushion – but they also have an elaborate lifestyle.

In April, the couple announced plans to establish their Archewell nonprofit for social projects. What about it? Nothing new at this point in time, is the short answer from their spokesman when asked by the German Press Agency. Harry and Meghan explained to the British newspaper "The Telegraph" at least the origin of the name: "Archewell is a name that combines the ancient word for strength and action with another, that evokes the deep resources that each of us needs."

Harry symbolically took his retreat from the Royals a little further. The title "His Royal Highness" has been removed from the website of his "Travalyst" initiative for sustainable tourism, reports "". The only thing left – as agreed with the Queen – is the Duke of Sussex.

The less the Prince and Duchess reveal, the more the tabloids in the United States and Great Britain struggle. Will you continue to live in Beverly Hills in the luxury villa of Hollywood mogul Tyler Perry or are you looking for your own house in the coastal town of Malibu, the portal «» puzzled. According to other reports, Meghan's mother Doria Ragland, a former Los Angeles yoga teacher and social worker, could move in with the small family.

The British seem to be disappointed with the former dream couple. Harry is not as popular in his home country as he used to be. Most of the British think that he should no longer be financially supported by his father, heir to the throne Prince Charles. And tabloid media sometimes pull heavily over the former US actress Meghan. Meghan had taken too much out at the court, could not cope with the queen and stole the show at the wedding of Princess Eugenie because she had announced her own pregnancy there. "That was a big social faux pas," says the new book "Royals at War".

The nobility expert Penny Junor had predicted early on that Harry and Meghan could become "quite irrelevant". "It is very sad," said the British author.

In fact, another member of the royal family is probably causing even more grief: Harry's uncle Prince Andrew. He is said to be involved in the abuse scandal surrounding the now deceased US businessman Jeffrey Epstein. The pressure on the 60-year-old is increasing and he is resting his royal duties. Andrew is hardly seen in public anymore.



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