tds_animation_stack India Michael Wendler and Laura Müller are working on influencer careers

Michael Wendler and Laura Müller are working on influencer careers

After the media hype of the past few months, it seems around Michael Wendler and his wife Laura Norberg, who preferred her last name Müller to the publicto gradually calm down a bit. Their civil wedding took place quite spontaneously and differently than planned: Instead of a big dream wedding in Las Vegas, the couple quietly and secretly said yes in Florida.

"In the morning we received the information that an appointment is free in the afternoon and the wedding ceremony could be carried out," said the pop singer in the current edition of her TV-Now documentary "Laura & the Wendler – now is getting married". "It was very exciting. A registrar was hired, via FaceTime, so to speak, and then performed the wedding," the 48-year-old continued.

Nevertheless, the couple was satisfied and happy that they were married now. Even if the whole thing didn't go without a fight: the relationship with Michael Wendler's ex-woman Claudia Norberg has been tense since the wedding because the couple ignored their request and Laura took their last name.

Michael Wendler and Laura Müller plan "influencer room"

And when one hears the couple 's statements in the documentary, it does not sound as if the relationship could improve in the near future: "Not only has she moved out, the divorce is also over. It all came fairly quickly and is of course the most important point for us, "said Wendler with relief in the documentary.

Laura Müller already has plans for the empty room of Wendler-Ex: "Of course it is a different feeling to know that she has moved out. We have been thinking for a long time about what we should do with the room and have hundreds of ideas it’s going to be an ironing room. Now we’ve been wondering whether it’s going to be a room where we, as influencers, can do our work. ” The 19-year-old has almost 600,000 followers on Instagram alone, her husband 279,000.

Claudia Norberg continues to live nearby

But there are still more ideas for the couple's future, as it reveals further: A few months ago, the pop singer bought a second house in Florida that was a bit older and in need of renovation. That should now be demolished and a new home built. "The house may be twice the size," said Laura with a smile at the camera.

Claudia Norberg meanwhile lives only a few streets away from the ex and his new wife, also in Cape Coral – to be close to their daughter Adeline. Laura Müller now hopes for a calmer and more positive future, as she said: "We can all start well into the future now, without construction sites. It has always been very difficult for Adi, too. I also believe that everyone is now reorganizing can. "

Source used: "Laura & the Wendler – Now Getting Married" on TV Now



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