tds_animation_stack India Mickie Krause: there were "no party excesses" in Mallorca

Mickie Krause: there were "no party excesses" in Mallorca

The regional government of Mallorca has closed the party mile "Bierstraße" and "Schinkenstraße" on Ballermann after party-like conditions. The shutdown for the affected premises should last for two months. Ballermann singer Mickie Krause (50, "We want to celebrate forever") considers this to be "unfair". In an interview with spot on news, he explains that he is "firmly convinced" that "there have been no party excesses".

How disappointed are you that the Ballermann restaurants have closed again?

Mickie Krause: I find it unfair to close all of the restaurants in Bierstrasse and Ham Street just because one of the locations has not fully adhered to the security concept. But there was no partying for hours and there can be no question of party excess. I am firmly convinced that there were no party excesses. In addition, the safety regulations were implemented immediately the following day. Incidentally, only one restaurant opened on Schinkenstrasse, and it is not clear why this also had to close. Incidentally, it is also surprising that Dutch and Spaniards celebrate in groups every day at the Playa, there are no sanctions here – funny. I have the impression that it's not about Corona, it's about wantonly destroying Ballermann.

What does the closure mean for Ballermann in general? How do you perceive the current situation on site?

Krause: Unfortunately, what's currently going on at Playa is misrepresented – namely nothing. In contrast to the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, here are really dead trousers, there are no party excesses here either. One will ask the question of how restaurateurs and especially employees such as waiters, cooks, cleaning women, … can make ends meet. A waiter works from April to October to get through the winter with the money. Now many have the problem that they don't even come over the summer. The island and also the Playa de Palma lives from tourism. At the moment, I have the impression that they don't want us tourists at all. And again: The people who go on vacation at Playa are not drinking tourists.

Do you find the decision justified?

Krause: No, I think a fine for the location, which was temporarily out of control, would have been enough. There was no tight-knit celebration and there weren't 300 to 400 people in Bierstrasse – there were 150. If the police had shown the presence as they had in the lockdown phase – you got an ad if you wanted to pick up the post from the post office because you don't have a mailbox at home – then you could have defused the situation immediately. The police had no interest in being present on Friday. And the government's decision to make such a decision based on media and photos is not very professional!

What does it mean for you personally that the bars have closed again?

Krause: For me personally, this has no effect because I am performing in the Megapark, which is 800m away from the beer and ham streets. The latter announced weeks ago that there will be no opening in 2020. But I know a lot of restaurateurs and employees. I have known Michael and Feli from the "Deutsches Eck" for 20 years – I am particularly sorry for such people. They were hopeful that they could get through the Corona crisis with a black eye. Now they have to send their 23 employees back into unemployment.

What do you think about the video recordings of the party vacationers without safety gaps and masks?

Krause: I was told that it wasn't as bad as it was portrayed. But I also saw a video in which you can see that an editor with a cameraman requests and encourages a group of young men to create a mood. But you can also see that a few seconds later a waiter goes to the table and asks for quiet. But I am also not sure whether a face mask should be worn in a street, i.e. in the fresh air, when you are sitting at the tables. In Germany, no mouth protection is necessary in the restaurant on the beach.

Do you have a plan B for the new failure?

Krause: For me, this is not another failure because I have nothing to do with beer and ham streets for work. I would also like to make it briefly clear that my main source of income is Germany with 180 appearances per year, Mallorca, on the other hand, are only 25 to 30 appearances from April to October. Sure, I have a plan B, I will take part in all the TV shows that exist: "Farmer is looking for a woman", "Temptation Island", "Celebrity Big Brother", "The big celebrity baking" and "I am a star – Holt me out of here! " (laughs). This is of course a joke! No, I do not have a plan B, but I am fine with the current situation. I also really like having time for my family, friends and myself.

You have announced that you will no longer be performing in 2020. So is this year a sabbatical for you? Do you still have specific plans for 2020?

Krause: Yes, exactly, I preferred my half of the Sabbath year. Still, we were creative and will be releasing new music soon. And at some point we'll celebrate again and have a lot of fun.



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