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Natasha Bedingfield Talks ‘Together In This’ & Her Time In Quarantine – News Info Live

Natasha Bedingfield is back with a bright new song that reminds us we’re all in this together! The singer spoke with HL about the jam & her time in quarantine.

In times of darkness, we turn to artists. Natasha Bedingfield has always delivered encouraging and upbeat tunes like “Unwritten” and “Pocketful of Sunshine.” Now, in the midst of the ongoing pandemic, the singer-songwriter has released “Together In This” with her longtime friend and collaborator, Jonas Myrin, for the Jungle Beat: The Movie soundtrack.

“It’s really a reminder of how connected we are and how one person’s life affects everyone else’s,” Natasha explained in an EXCLUSIVE interview with “We are together in this moment, while we are literally alone. But also are in our aloneness we’re together. It is really important to connect with other people at this time, and not to just be isolated.”

Natasha Bedingfield & her collaborator & friend Jonas Myrin sing “Together In This” for Jungle Beat: The Movie.

Making the song, which was recorded at home with Jonas writing, recording and cutting it in just a quick three days, Natasha says was actually a very “relaxed experience.” “It was very lovely to record from home,” she admitted.

The English singer’s two-year-old son, Solomon Dylan Robinson, has been a major focal point of her entire quarantine, but also, she revealed that she’s been doing a lot of “work” on herself in these last few months. “Usually at this time of year I’m touring and am never home, so it’s been nice to be home to be honest and kind of work on myself,” Natasha said. “I’m letting my ideas and my heart be open and I’m just going with a flow and go into this very day-to-day.”

Sunrise Productions; Jungle Beat: The Movie follows a monkey, an elephant and other jungle animals who embark on a journey to help a friendly extraterrestrial find its way home.

She added that talking to others and connecting with friends, new and old, “reminds me that it’s not just me going through these things and I think I hope that everyone reading this will feel like that will feel not alone and will feel energized in some way and not hopeless.”

You can download and stream “Together In This” by following this link! 




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