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Naya Rivera: Co-Star writes moving essay about dead actress

A sad news shook the TV and media world earlier this month: "Glee" star Naya Rivera died on a boat trip with her child. At first, only her sleeping son was found alone on the boat. After searching for days, the sad certainty: Naya Rivera drowned, was still able to lift her son on board and thus to safety, but no longer herself.

Since then, innumerable condolences and messages of mourning have appeared. While "Glee" colleague and longtime girlfriend Riveras Heather Morris posted a video of herself on her Instagram channel, emotionally dancing to a song written and sung by Rivera, the "Glee" makers said they wanted money in order to pay college fees for Rivera's son Josey in the future. The four-year-old had told investigators how his mother had lifted him onto the boat and then disappeared below the water surface.

Naya Rivera: "How can a person so talented, so funny and so be beautiful?"

Now Rivera paid tribute to another former co-star: Chris Colfer, who played high school student Kurt Hummel in the hit "Glee", wrote a moving essay for the magazine "Variety" about the talented actress. Losing her was such a nightmare, Colfer writes, that he sometimes wonders "whether Naya was really real or maybe just a dream. How can a man so talented, so funny and so be beautiful – all at the same time? "

To see her on stage was "magical": "Naya didn't just sing a song, she brought it to life." And as an actress, she "spoke with so much authenticity that every word was believed and often forgotten that she even played a role."

From his stories it becomes clear that in some things Naya Rivera was very similar to her role as Santana Lopez – both had a big heart and quick wit: "Naya was able to defuse a bomb with a funny comment. Her jokes and witty remarks were so legendary that sometimes I just ran after her on the set and wrote everything she said on my cell phone. "

A great mother – until the end

So sometimes you have them in the red cheerleader uniform, a trademark Santanas, found in front of the door, where she smoked on particularly hard days and "raised an invisible glass and about 'To be role models!' or 'city of dreams what?' said ".

The friendship with his colleague meant a lot to him, according to Colfer: "Just being close to Nayas made you feel safe. And regardless of the situation, you always knew that Naya would strengthen your back."

Naya had always wanted children and when her son Josey was born there would be a piece of Naya that she always missed: "mother Perhaps being Naya's greatest talent and her last moments prove that Naya was a great mother to the end. "

Colfer writes words about a future without his former co-star, which many of her companions would probably sign: "Naya leaves a void that only Naya herself could fill."

Source: "Variety"



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