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"Not a woman thug": Johnny Depp defends himself in court and accuses Amber Heard

Rose war on trial: US actor Johnny Depp has sharply rejected allegations of being a "woman thug" in a London trial. Instead, the 57-year-old Hollywood star accused his ex-wife Amber Heard of being violent on Tuesday. Both were in court on Tuesday.

Depp is suing the publisher of the British tabloid "The Sun" for an article claiming he had Heard physically abused. "These are all lies," said his lawyers. Depp "is not and never has been a women's thug".

Johnny Depp accuses Amber Heard of going to court

The actor ("Pirates of the Caribbean") and his lawyers turned the tables and accused Heard of accusations: "It was she who was violent towards him," said David Sherborne. Reports that Depp sent her during the marriage serious violence done, were invented.

Depp himself – in a written statement – threw his ex-woman pretended to hit him in the face several times. One time his finger was cut off when she threw a vodka bottle at him. On a flight, she insulted and beaten him as a "washcloth" and "man without a backbone". "I grabbed a pillow and locked myself in the bathroom where I slept during the flight," said the actor.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard at the start of the trial in London. She came hand in hand with her sister Whitney (center) and her lawyer Jennifer Robinson (not in the picture).

Vanessa Paradis and Winona Ryder as witnesses

The process is expected to take three weeks. According to British media, Depp's ex-partners Vanessa Paradis and Winona Ryder are also to testify in the process as witnesses. Depp and Heard were separated from the trial in the British capital came. Heard wore a large red cloth as a face mask when she arrived at the court. She was accompanied by lawyers and her sister. Depp came in a dark blue suit. He was wearing sunglasses and a dark cloth.

Depp, who is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood, and the American Heard met while filming "The Rum Diary". The couple separated in 2016 after only 15 months of marriage. After a divorce proceedings accompanied by a mud battle, they settled out of court in 2017. Depp agreed to pay the $ 7 million payment, but Heard filed a lawsuit against him for domestic violence. She later donated the money.

The process was supposed to start last March, but had to be postponed due to the corona pandemic. Depp has also filed a defamation lawsuit in the United States. But he is suing there directly against his ex-wife. She had reported on her experiences of violence in an article in the "Washington Post" – but without naming Depp by name.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Depp emphasized in the court that he was not a "monster". When asked, he admitted that he had used LSD and cocaine in the past few years. Whatever the outcome of the trial of the former celebrity couple in London, there should already be a winner: the "Sun", whose 2018 article is actually about. The tabloid should benefit from the war of roses in court.

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