tds_animation_stack India Pandemic drive attending to you? Try an Icelandic scream

Pandemic drive attending to you? Try an Icelandic scream

If the worries, restrictions and uncertainties of the pandemic are stressing you out, you might want to try an Icelandic scream.

A new campaign is inviting people from all over the world to let out a yowl into Iceland’s isolated, idyllic landscapes — all from the comfort of your own home.

Over the last few months, many people have been feeling the pressure of being stuck inside their homes in cramped, small spaces, said Eliza Reid, Iceland’s First Lady. She’s a spokesperson for Promote Iceland, a public-private marketing organization, and she is originally from Ottawa. 

“You need some kind of release for it. And so the idea here is that you’re able to just release that scream out into empty, Icelandic nature,” Reid said on Ottawa Morning Thursday.

Eliza Reid, First Lady of iceland, is encouraging people to release their screams of frustration into the country’s wide open spaces.

All you have to do is record your own scream on the campaign’s website, Looks Like You Need Iceland, and it will be broadcast using speakers into the peaceful Icelandic hinterlands. Screamers can choose among seven locations around the country, from fjords to fishing villages, which they can watch via webcam. 

The hope is that screamers who want to unleash their frustrations on Iceland’s wild landscape will take in the beauty of the country, and “when people feel safe and ready to travel, they think of Iceland,” said Reid, “in the future, when the situation is different.”  

Although Iceland is open to visitors with some restrictions, she acknowledged not many people feel safe travelling at the moment.

Looks Like You Need Iceland wants visitors to the site to think of those beautiful spaces they’re screaming into as potential future destinations, when travel opens back up again. (HALLDOR KOLBEINS/AFP/Getty Images)

Reid said she hasn’t unleashed her own scream into the wild, but her children were excited about the project, and they’ve been eager participants. “They just tried to do the best straight-up scream that they could do, and I’ve got to say, they’re pretty good at it.”

Her family had planned to travel back to Ottawa for a visit this summer, but instead they are spending time exploring Iceland. The coronavirus has had a big impact on the tourism industry in there, she said, adding that she’s happy to see many Icelanders taking tours and staying in hotels to support the local economy.

Please “scream responsibly.” Reid said there are filters in place to ensure people are acting appropriately and not abusing the Icelandic landscape. (Eleanor Wachtel/CBC)

For those worried about noise pollution in Iceland, Reid said the speakers are quite small, and they’re in fairly isolated areas, so they’re not disturbing people in those locations. 

To discourage people from abusing the project, she said the website asks people to “scream responsibly” but there is also a profanity filter in place, and a delay in posting to screen out any bad-language screams. 

The campaign launched earlier this month and ends on July 29.




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