tds_animation_stack India Prince Andrew: BBC journalist Emily Maitlis speaks about scandal interview

Prince Andrew: BBC journalist Emily Maitlis speaks about scandal interview

He talked about his head and collar, said he couldn't sweat because of a war injury, and thought he could remember a trip to a pizza restaurant in Woking almost 20 years ago. Prince Andrew wanted to talk to the BBC journalist Emily Maitlis last November commented on the allegations by Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who claimed to have been forced to have sex with the Royal at the age of 17. Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell had given her about it, she says.

Prince Andrew was happy with the TV interview

The royal's defense on television became a single disaster. The view of many viewers was: The son of Queen Elizabeth II lies. Andrew himself was apparently surprised by the public reaction, as Maitlis now reveals in the "Radio Times". His team was "happy" with the interview, quotes the "Daily Mail".

"We know that the palace was satisfied with the interview. We had a lot of contact with them after it was over. I think their shock was not the interview itself, but the reaction it triggered in the days and weeks afterwards." , explains the journalist.

He addressed the subject directly

Maitlis also says that she only noticed the actual scope of the interview when looking at the material – in the editing room. "We assumed that he would show compassion to the victims or Jeffrey Epstein wanted to blame. We couldn't understand why he hadn't, "she says today.

In front of a flower bed stands a bride and groom on the right and Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philipp on the left. A Gothic church in the background

The journalist noticed early on that her conversation with the prince was special. "First, because he tackled the issue head-on," she explains. "Second, the lack of an excuse or a real expression of regret told me that the prince still believed that his actions were broadly correct. And third, the level of detail was different from what I expected," explained Maitlis.

At the "Royal Television Society Awards" the interview won in the "Scoop of the Year" category. It will no doubt go down in history.

source: "Daily Mail"



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