tds_animation_stack India Princess Beatrice's wedding photos and the message of the pictures

Princess Beatrice's wedding photos and the message of the pictures

Family photos, birthdays, anniversaries – when the British royal family publishes official photos of the royal family, one thing is certain: worldwide attention. Many shots often seem to have been taken in passing, but convey a more profound one Embassy. William, future heir to the throne, and his wife Kate like to publish photos of the family in everyday situations: the children playing, the family in the garden. They don't even need a photographer. Mother Kate is usually behind the lens and snaps. This creates pictures that underline the family's down-to-earth image. The perfect staging – without any photos.

Royal fans were eagerly awaiting the first wedding photos of the Queen granddaughter Princess Beatrice (31) and her partner Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi (37) this weekend. It was leaked on Friday that the couple had married in secret after the ceremony originally scheduled for late May had to be postponed due to the corona crisis. The first pictures of the newlyweds were not long in coming: Only in the night from Saturday to Sunday, more than 24 hours after the wedding ceremony, did the first photos appear on the Royal Family Twitter account uploaded.

Two pictures show the bride and groom. In the first photo, the two leave the Royal Chapel of All Saints on the grounds of Windsor Castle shortly after the wedding ceremony. The other picture shows the couple in front of the chapel together with Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip. The pictures differ significantly from the usual ones Wedding photos from Windsor – these three details are particularly striking.

The family

The British royal family announced on Twitter that the wedding took place on Friday in the "closest family". Untypical for a royal wedding, but the contact restrictions within the framework of the Corona pandemic have played a role.

The official pictures underline the small frame of the ceremony. With the exception of Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, no other wedding guests are shown. Not even the bride's parents, Sarah Ferguson and the most recently criticized Prince Andrew, can be seen.

According to the "Daily Mail" Andrew was said to have led his daughter to the altar, but he did not later appear in the official wedding photos. The palace thus remains true to its line: Prince Andrew had recently hardly made a public appearance and had withdrawn from his royal obligations after causing irritation with statements relating to the abuse scandal involving Jeffrey Epstein.

The wedding dress and jewelry

On her wedding day, Princess Beatrice wore a vintage dress by fashion designer Norman Hartnell (1901-1979). The designer was already Queen Mum's purveyor to the court mother by Queen Elizabeth II. The dress itself is owned by the Queen. The Tiara should also look familiar to Royal fans: The Queen wore it on her wedding day in 1947 and now lent it to her granddaughter.

The second-hand outfit should be popular with the British – especially in times when many people have to struggle with financial losses in the wake of the corona pandemic.

Keep your distance

Social distancing and corona measures do not stop at the British royal family either – this is clearly shown by the reception of the newlyweds with Queen Elizabeth II and her husband. There is a sufficient minimum distance between the pairs, and the pictures are taken outdoors. This could also be attributed to the applicable corona regulations.

The message of the photo is clear: the British royal family wants to do their bit to contain the corona virus – wedding or not.



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