tds_animation_stack India Rebekah Vardy vs. Coleen Rooney: player-woman dispute continues in court

Rebekah Vardy vs. Coleen Rooney: player-woman dispute continues in court

It was an argument that could not have fit better into the digital age. In October last year, Coleen Rooney accused her real girlfriend on her Instagram and Twitter profile Rebekah Vardyto have betrayed and betrayed her. For a long time she had suspected that someone from her circle of friends would give details of her private Instagram stories to the British newspaper "The Sun" and therefore came up with a strategy to convince the traitor.

Rebekah Vardy vs. Coleen Rooney: player women dispute in court

"I blocked everyone so that no one else could see my Instagram stories, except for an account," wrote the wife of England star Wayne Rooney. "Over the past five months, I've posted a number of false stories to see if they make their way into the 'Sun.'would find. And do you know what? They did! ", She explained." I have scanned and saved all stories that clearly show that only one person saw them. It's … Rebekah Vardy's account. "Vardy, who was pregnant at the time, was badly hostile on Instagram.

That had consequences, says Jamie's wife Vardy today. In the meantime, she has sued Rooney. The libel lawsuit is about £ 1 million, according to the Daily Mail. And Rebekah Vardy is by no means restrained in the documents.

Rebekah Vardy sees himself as a scapegoat

The public ridicule was extremely difficult for her. Vardy was then worried about her unborn baby, had suicidal thoughts herself, she admits. She also says she's from Coleen Rooney made a "scapegoat". Because Rooney had actually given her private stories to the press for years, or commissioned friends to do it.

Vardy's view of things is confirmed by Sun's editor-in-chief, Dan Wootton. He says he wrote some articles about the Rooneys and most of the information came from the couple themselves or from Coleen's friends.

Shortly after Rooney's alleged disclosure, Rebekah Vardy had already said and revealed that she had received death threats. Rooney's fans had told her to die and that something should happen to her children. "I'm strong, but that made me cry," said Vardy at the time.Daily Mail".

source: "Daily Mail"



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