tds_animation_stack India Ruth Moschner: This "Masked Singer" made her despair

Ruth Moschner: This "Masked Singer" made her despair

Ruth Moschner (44) moderates the new quiz show "Who sees that ?!" (from July 21, 2020, on Tuesdays, at 8:15 p.m. on ProSieben). In the first episode, the Council teams Til Schweiger (56) and Axel Stein (38) compete against Olivia Jones (50) and Mario Basler (51) and have to answer questions about the performances after performances by acrobats, bands and dancers. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, Moschner reveals which rate celebrity surprised her the most and which quality helped her herself in the "The Masked Singer" rate team. In addition, the jury told the music show which star behind the mask particularly challenged her.

"Who sees that ?!" is a show quiz show that is being implemented worldwide for the first time. What did you think when you heard about the concept?

Ruth Moschner: My first thought was that it could be a lot of fun to advise you here. I also love formats that nobody shows. And with "Who knows something like that ?!" you don't need to have a minor in geography in politics to win. You can watch the show with the whole family and I can very well imagine that the children can show the parents a lot.

Celebrities like Til Schweiger or Judith Rakers advise on the show. Do women have a better eye for details than men?

Moschner: One might think so, certainly. I, for my part, would be very bad at it. I don't know what I'm wearing ten minutes after I left the house. I actually have to look down on myself for that. I still remember how I felt years ago when I strolled through my favorite Tel Aviv neighborhood in the afternoon, or what the ice cream tasted like in London last year.

What can be advantageous when guessing, the professional background?

Moschner: People with photographic memory have a clear advantage. Of course, this also means that whoever thinks in pictures, i.e. has an artistic streak, directs or has to quickly memorize texts, should be quite good. But, of course, this show challenges eyesight in a whole new way. After all, we do not have rigid hidden objects, but rather spectacular live acts in the studio, interactive actions with our celebrities are added, so in the worst case they are part of the puzzle.

Which celebrity surprised you with his perception?

Moschner: Definitely Mario Basler! I don't want to give away too much, but who would have thought that our rock'n'roll of football really pays attention to everything! Very impressive.

With "The Masked Singer" you had to pay attention to every little detail. Can you train yourself if you're more of a "big picture" type?

Moschner: The most important thing in all things in life is passion for the cause. I love learning new things again and again. It gives me the feeling that my brain is plowed from time to time and thus stays fresher. Well, mostly I feel like the more I read, the more I realize how little I actually know. So it was all the funnier to discover that I obviously have something like a built-in celebrity barometer (laughs). If you had asked me two years ago if I was good at recognizing celebrities, I probably would have really laughed at you. Funnily enough, I don't read all these gossip sheets at all. But obviously my brain cells love to memorize small details from conversations and most importantly, they pop up into the mind bar at the right moment.

What were your highlights from the previous season?

Moschner: I will not forget how Fauli came around the corner with a completely different appearance in the third episode than before. I seriously thought for a moment that they exchanged the protagonist under the mask. But that's exactly what this format is all about. That's why Tom Beck quite rightly took the trophy home. I also found Hasi brilliant, from which you were led around until the very end. In desperation, I took screenshots of Martina Hill's lower legs and compared them to Hasis' legs. This character chased me into my dreams and drove me crazy. Big respect to Sonja Zietlow, she once again proved what a great entertainer she is.

"The Masked Singer" recently won the German TV Award for Best Entertainment Show. What do you think?

Moschner: Rightly so! I kept my fingers crossed for us because our competition deserved it too. But our team from Endemol Shine and ProSieben really put so much work into every frame of this show, everything is really well thought out and lived through, this award is a great recognition for so much passion for television. This format has set new standards and has been implemented very courageously. I am very happy that this was not only rewarded by a large audience response, but also by a jury award.

What else do you like to watch on TV?

Moschner: I love quiz shows and everything that glitters, around music, occasions when our stars can present themselves from a different side and the big appearance. I also like to watch sports studios and sports shows. And: I'm addicted to trash TV. I inhale everything that reality TV has to offer. I haven't missed any episode of the jungle so far, 'Celebrity Big Brother', 'Summer House of Stars', 'Celebrities under Palm Trees', 'Love Island' … I'm there! This is better than confectionery. In the meantime, of course, there is an exchange in the WhatsApp group. I am a TV child and the last few months have shown how important this medium is for people. The best thing about my job is to give viewers a good time, to distract them from everyday life and give them joy.

Many are on vacation, others this year are content with balconies. What are your summer plans like?

Moschner: Since I like to go on vacation in Germany in the summer anyway, not much will change this year. I love the new federal states, we have been in Brandenburg for a few days, the Baltic Sea is also on the slip and we actually want to get to know Berlin very consciously. If you live in a city, you do far too little. We are currently making a list of our must-sees. Something like that happens spontaneously, because we don't need a hotel room.



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