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Santoshi Maa 4th September 2020 Written Episode Update – Swati comes to go back the hoop to indresh. – News InfoLive

Santoshi Maa 4th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with indresh’s father is shouting his mother for giving jewelry to swati but his other son tells him to please take out your diary so that you can find the actual date when indresh met swati first time but he is shouting saying now I should keep records of his love stories also but his son is insisting again to please take out dairy & indresh’s father searches the date & he finds & gives them to go & open the locker now.
Sangeet celebration begins in which polomi is dancing & all are enjoying her dance as she too is feeling happy on earth’s sangeet celebration. She is taking indresh’s mother too along with her to dance as his mother is pleasing his father while polomi blinks indresh’s uncle & he gets surprised.
Indresh & nidhi too dance together with polomi along happily & then all family members join the dance to enjoy.
Swati enters indresh’s house & starts clapping seeing their sangeet celebration & all are shocked to see her here. Indresh is cursing swati telling her there is no place for outsiders here & nidhi & indresh’s father is too cursing her. Swati says I am here to see how much indresh has fallen down but I’ll give him good wishes if he is happy with nidhi. Swati is asking indresh to remind about when he had given her this ring but also says you cannot remind as you have lost all rights on this now & she is reminding about how he had put ring on her finger & she is returning the ring to indresh to give it to nidhi but he tells her why you brought back as you must have thrown away but she keeps it in his hands. Polomi thinks this santoshi’s devotee has come again to give pain to my devotee so now I’ll give her pains more than how much she has given to my devotee so she offs the light with her powers making darkness while all are shocked & polomi uses her powers to steal the necklace & hide in swati’s saree while lights also come back.
Swati is trying to go away but nidhi shouts saying my necklace is stolen & she tells indresh that i am damn sure swati must have stolen it & indresh’s father tells his other son to shut the door & call the police. Polomi pins sister in law don’t you feel swati must be checked as she immediately tells her mother in law swati must be checked.
Dev rishi complains santoshi mata how they all are trying to blame swati who never took water also without asking & they are making her fall in more trouble but santoshi mata explains dev rish this is what kalyug is as truth is hidden & people easily accept false allegations but dev rishi tells her swati should be helped.
Swati is trying to stop her but indresh’s mother pulls her saree to check all over while kunti aunty tells why swati itself instead to check all the people here but indresh’s shouts her to keep quiet. Indresh’s mother is searching every part of her body & saree while santoshi mata uses her powers to make the necklace go on polomi’s saree as kunti aunty sees the necklace on polomi’s saree & indresh’s mother says there is no necklace but kunti aunty says how can it be as it’s here on this woman’s saree & all are shocked while polomi understands it’s none other than because of santoshi mata’s powers that swati is getting saved but sister in law, lovely tries to defend polomi & indresh’s mother stops her saying it’s family necklace which was stolen by her who is making us fool showing her dance.

Police arrives asking indresh’s father & he tells them to arrest this woman who has done this & polomi is arrested.
Dev rishi praises santoshi mata for doing this good work to give perfect punishment to polomi but if she uses her powers to get released so? & santoshi mata explains him that it’s not so easy because polomi is misusing her powers in humans which is against our gods ethics for which she will get punishment going ahead.
Polomi while going pulls her hands held by police officer & goes to swati pressing her neck shouting her that this is happening because of you as you had told me to keep this necklace with me but police officer is pulling her & polomi is pushing officer making her fall down so kunti aunty too comes ahead to pull polomi but she too is pushed back by polomi makes her shocking & officer is trying to pull polomi as she is pressing swati’s throat by which swati is suffering with tremendous pain & santoshi mata comes to support swati as polomi understands it & looks back finding santoshi mata as she gets signal from santoshi mata to stop all this towards her devotee now as it’s time for you to leave & she leaves with the officer & santoshi mata too disappears.
Indresh’s father tells everybody lot of drama has happened & he is cursing swati but swati tells him I have no complain against you all & only accepted from indresh but he too is ignoring so only wish that to not to happen all this with your another daughter in law & to treat her as per her status.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya



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