tds_animation_stack India Sarah Harrison: Despite her pregnancy, she is so sporty

Sarah Harrison: Despite her pregnancy, she is so sporty

Influencer Sarah Harrison is on the home stretch of her second pregnancy. The 29-year-old gives on Instagram its 2.5 million followers receive regular baby bump updates. She is now in the third trimester of her pregnancy; the baby could be born soon. Dominic Harrison's (29) wife does not want to do without sports. Together with her husband, she published the book "#Familygoals", in which she explains how pregnant women can keep fit. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, she reveals how she is experiencing her second pregnancy and which exercises she is doing with a baby ball.

Are you experiencing your second pregnancy differently than the first? What are the differences?

Sarah Harrison: Every pregnancy is different and you experience it differently. In the second pregnancy I am no longer ignorant, I know what is coming. I had more respect for it now. Time flies a lot faster as I still have a small child at home that keeps me busy and I don't see things as strictly as when I was pregnant.

It will not be long before you give birth to your second child. They report that they have strong mood swings, especially in the third trimester. How do they express themselves and how do you and your partner Dominic deal with them?

Harrison: Actually, you are affected by mood swings throughout pregnancy. During this time, women are simply more emotional and quickly in a bad mood or tired. This is simply part of it and our men should understand, accept and best find out quickly how they deal with it and how they treat their wives.

Fortunately Dominic has a lot of patience and understanding and I am grateful for that. During this time we are simply creating something very special and that is not always easy – for both sides.

How is your daughter Mia Rose dealing with having a sibling soon?

Harrison: She understands everything very well and the anticipation increases. But she is also looking forward to when mom's stomach is gone and she can finally romp with me again. We talk a lot about it and involve it. She was already there at the gynecologist – it is important to us to let her participate from the start – after all, she is the big sister.

What does your daily athletic routine look like? What exercises do you rely on?

Harrison: As long as I'm comfortable, I'll try to do three to four small workouts a week. In the third trimester I do a lot of stretching units and light exercises that are still possible with my big belly. For example: lunges, abductor lifts, knee raises or pelvic lifts. I do all exercises more slowly than usual and I listen carefully to my body. Such units are very good for me and I enjoy them.

What are athletic no-gos during pregnancy?

Harrison: I would definitely not recommend anyone to try new sports or do competitive sports during pregnancy. The most important thing is to listen to your body and consult with your gynecologist. For me, no-gos are tennis, handball or obstacle races.



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