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Say it ain’t so! Whataburger is getting rid of the roof’s iconic ‘A’ shape

If it’s one thing Texans love, it’s Whataburger.

A few fans aren’t so pleased with the chain right now though, because as’s Emma Balter reported Thursday, Whataburger is getting rid of its iconic ‘A’ shape.

The company already started renovations at one San Antonio location, so it’s not likely Whataburger will be changing its mind. (Ugh)

What’s not changing? “The iconic elements we’re known for,” the company said on their website. “You’ll see plenty of orange and white stripes and that classic Whataburger flair our Family Members and guests know and love.”

Whataburger said so far, the company has received mixed reactions about the new, modern design. “As in all things, some people seem to love it and some had some maybe less-favorable comments. But you know, that’s just the internet, I guess,” James Turcotte, the company’s senior vice president of real estate, told CultureMap.

Turcotte said Whataburger’s new restaurant designs and remodels will stay true to their unique look, just in an updated and fresh way.

But does the redesign really matter if social media doesn’t react? Of course not! Some Twitter users weighed in on the new look and let’s just say… some are a lot happier than others.

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In case you’re wondering what that means, in June 2019, Whataburger sold majority of their ownership stake to a Chicago investment firm. The company is still headquartered in San Antonio, but the sale added an opportunity for expansion. The company currently has restaurants in 10 states, and will soon be opening restaurants in Tennessee and Kansas City.

As if 2020 wasn’t already horrible enough (you know, coronavirus, bubonic plague, murder hornets) Whataburger had to go “update” its look another person said.

“I’ve been a Texas for 14 years and I’ll admit I’ve never eaten at Whataburger (I know I know) but some things you just don’t change and this is one of them. Yeah I know it’s only a building but to Texans, the A frames have meaning, memories, and history,” Twitter user @AdamJ730 said.

Some people are okay with the design change, with Twitter user @cstanford67 saying he was prepared to be off put by the new look but to his surprise, it’s actually nice.

As long as the food quality “doesn’t drop down to McDonald’s level,” Whataburger lover @Ang01313, who said she was offended about the “update”, warned, everything will be fine.

What do you think of Whataburger’s new design? Is it the end of the world as we know it? (Lets be real. It’s not. But it’s still a big deal.)

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