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Coley Moley! ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Chelsea Houska’s husband Cole DeBoer is looking so chiseled now that he’s over halfway though a grueling 75 day fitness challenge. We’ve got his latest shirtless update.

What a difference 39 days makes when it comes to exercising and eating right! Cole DeBoer has been working on the 75 Hard Challenge since mid-June, and already the results have beyond paid off. On July 23, the Teen Mom 2 star proudly showed off how far he’s come with a then and now, side by side Instagram shirtless photo post of his body at the start of the challenge, and how it now looks 39 days in. While Cole added some tattoos to his body during this period, he’s also sporting new six-pack abs, firm pecs and muscular arms since the challenge began.

Cole is feeling so good about the results, and he has every right to be so proud. He’s been grinding away with two 45 minute workout sessions per day — one of which needed to take place outdoors, rain or shine. Cole also has been on a strict diet that includes no cheat foods and no alcohol. He’s been drinking a gallon of water per day to hydrate and keep his body healthy, and has kept with this routine for over a month.

Cole is also barely halfway through! He’s on day 39, but he still has 36 more days to go of the same rigorous diet and fitness plan. And one big challenge rule is, if he misses any of his workouts or cheats on his diet at all, he has to go right back to day one and start the 75 day process all over again. That’s enough to keep anyone’s eyes on the finish line.

Cole DeBoer and wife Chelsea Houska as seen in an episode of MTV’s ‘Teen Mom 2.’ Photo credit: MTV.

Chelsea Houska‘s loving husband wrote in the caption, “Check it out!! (Yes I did get new tattoos during this challenge, didn’t slow me down) I can honestly say I am proud of myself for how far I have come! I am in the middle of the #75hard #75hardchallenge and it has been so rewarding in so many ways.”

“Physically I am feeling way more fit, my eating habits and choices have improved 100% and I am feeling better than ever, and my mind and outlook on things and life are so positive and exciting,” he explained. “I am forever grateful for this challenge and beyond determined to get to my full potential and be the best possible person I can be, feeling and looking the healthiest I have ever been. FEELING DANGEROUS,” he added. With the impressive improvement so noticeable, just imagine how he’s going to look 36 days from now when Cole completes the 75 Hard Challenge!




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