tds_animation_stack India Sky du Mont couldn't afford another wedding

Sky du Mont couldn't afford another wedding

Surprising for many, actors gave Sky du Mont and his wife Mirja announced their separation in the summer of 2016. The couple had been married since 2000 and have two children together. "My wife Mirja and I split up a few months ago by mutual agreement. After 16 years together, this step was not easy for us," said du Mont to the "Hamburger Morgenpost" at the time.

Sky du Mont: "Second homes no longer exist"

For the in Argentina born actor, it was already the fourth marriage that failed. The 73-year-old is now ruling out another wedding – and for financial reasons. "I don't get married anymore. I can't afford it financially," Sky du Mont told the magazine "Bunte".

His marriages and the subsequent divorces would have cost him a lot of money, so he had to part with part of the property he had acquired. "I had a house on Sylt, a villa in Hamburg. Now I live in an apartment. I have no problem with it, but there are no second homes", admits you Mont.

He shouldn't know any real money worries, after all, he is a member of the du Mont publishing family. Sky du Mont spent his childhood and youth in Argentina, Great Britain and Switzerland. He later attended the drama school in Munich. He is still doing well as an actor and speaker.

The previous wives of Sky du Mont

First marriage du Mont was married to the German actress Helga Lehner. He left for the French actress Diane Stolojan, with whom he has a son. His third wife became actress Cosima von Borsody, with whom he was married from 1995 to 2000. This was followed by a 16-year marriage to Mirja du Mont.

Source: "Colorful"

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