tds_animation_stack India "Sports Illustrated" shoot: Samantha Hoopes poses 16 weeks after birth

"Sports Illustrated" shoot: Samantha Hoopes poses 16 weeks after birth

The US magazine "Sports Illustrated" is particularly known for one thing: its bikini shoots. Just like decorating the cover of "Vogue" or strutting down the catwalk for the underwear label Victoria's Secret, being part of a "Sports Illustrated" spread can easily be called a milestone in the career of every supermodel.

Now the magazine is making a name for itself with further groundbreaking innovations: it is committed to being more inclusive and has a number of different ones in its photo series Women to show. For example, a transgender model will be shown for the first time in the current issue.

Stretch marks in the bikini line – this has never been done before

Samantha Hoopes will once again grace the pages of the magazine in this issue – she has been doing this regularly since 2014. But this year with a little difference, because the model became a mother last year. When the pictures were taken in January, the birth was only four months ago, and how could it be otherwise, her body was still marked by the pregnancy. Stretch marks and skin folds, which are completely normal after pregnancy and childbirth, have never been seen in the bikini sections of "Sports Illustrated".

The US news site "Page Six" said the model about the shoot: "It felt like it was my very first photo shoot. I was very nervous. My body was different, my chocolate pages were different, my skin was still very much It was difficult to find it easy and also to find the confidence to be in front of the camera again. " But after a while she felt better than ever – even when a little milk dripped from her breasts during the shoot: "The breasts have to do that." The shoot was "liberating", says Hoopes: "I was no longer interested in the things that were important to me at 22. The stretch marks and all the other things that go with having a baby – I was proud of it. And I also wanted to be proud of it for all other women, because it's really not easy. "

The model, who comes from the USA, said she had gained around 40 kilograms during her pregnancy with son George. Hoopes wrote on her Instagram page that she had only started doing some sport again about three weeks before the shoot. In a post where she shared some pictures of that day, she wrote: "This is a reminder of how great our bodies are. […] I am proud of my new shape, my skin and my new body. There are no perfection and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We are all human beings and need time to heal. Take this time and appreciate what lies ahead and what is most important. "

Your fans celebrate it for it. So one user comments the post with an enthusiastic: "I love it. You look great!"

Swell: "Page Six", Instagram Samantha Hoopes



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