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Steve Bing: Who Was Elizabeth Hurley's Ex-Boyfriend?

He had a rich, dazzling life – which ended at just 55 years old: It was noon at 1 p.m., the sun was high in the eternally blue sky over the California Pacific coast when the multi-millionaire, film producer and screenwriter Steve Bing (1965-2020) according to US media committed suicide in Los Angeles.

The tall (1.92m) Bing lived in seclusion in his luxury apartment there with a view of the sea, but he was still considered a womanizer in the Hollywood film business. US media reports of affairs with stars like Sharon Stone (62) and Uma Thurman (50) and the model Naomi Campbell (50). And her son Damian (18) comes from a relationship with Liz Hurley (55).

Few friends knew that Bing was depressed. This disease was apparently exacerbated by corona-related isolation. At noon on June 22, 2020, the 55-year-old probably saw no way out.

Born into high society

Steve Bing comes from a wealthy family that is among the 400 richest in the United States. His grandfather Leo S. Bing had made his fortune by building luxury apartments in New York. The father Dr. Peter Bing was a doctor and advised President Johnson on health issues before taking care of family wealth.

Steve Bing was only 18 when he inherited $ 600 million from his grandfather. By that time, he had already written his first screenplay, Missing in Action, at high school. It was later filmed with Chuck Norris (80).

Although he no longer had to work, Bing made a name for himself as an author and producer. He wrote the screenplay for the comedy "Kangaroo Jack" and produced films such as "Beowulf", "The Polar Express" and "Shine A Light" with the Rolling Stones. He was friends with Mick Jagger (76), Martin Scorsese (77), Warren Beatty (83), Hugh Hefner (1926-2017) and James Caan (80).

Despite all the glamor, Bing was considered to be extremely avid for the public and the press. He saw himself as a philanthropist, a philanthropist who preferred to do his work in secret. Bing joined the Giving Pledge campaign by billionaires Bill Gates (64) and Warren Buffett (89), who largely bequeath their fortunes to the general public. Bing also wanted to donate his wealth to foundations.

His friend and former US President Bill Clinton (73) said after death: "He had a big heart and was ready to do everything for the people he believed in. I will miss him and his enthusiasm very much and hope that he finally found peace. "

Two children from two affairs

Bing became known to a wider audience through his liaison with model and actress Elizabeth "Liz" Hurley, whom he had met in 2000. The English woman just came from a long-standing relationship with Hugh Grant (59). But after a year, love was over. During the last vacation together in a holiday home of Elton John (73) on the Cote d'Azur, Liz told him that she was pregnant. Her Damian was born at the end of 2001. Bing initially denied being the father. But a genetic test confirmed his fatherhood.

It wasn't his first. Before Liz Hurley, he had a relationship with former US tennis player Lisa Bonder (54), who was No. 9 in the world rankings in 1984. The daughter Kira Bonder comes from this affair. It wasn't until July 2019 that a U.S. judge ruled that both Damian and Kira were entitled to a substantial fortune from their grandfather's estate, Peter Bing.

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