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Sunburn: What really helps against the redness

Summer has finally arrived in Germany. Many sun worshipers are already making pilgrimages to the swimming lakes and swimming pools to work on the perfect tan. But lying in the sun unprotected for too long often results in painful sunburn. Dr. Dermatologist Dr. Dermatologist explains what you can do about the reddened areas and which home remedies really help. Daniel Wilder in conversation with the spot on news news agency.

What is the correct behavior for a sunburn?

Dr. Daniel Wilder: First, get out of the sun. Then cool the affected area and lubricate with moisturizing lotions and aloe vera gel. Also drink a lot, apply about two to three liters and, if necessary, an over-the-counter, anti-inflammatory cortisone ointment. In severe pain, it is recommended to take an anti-inflammatory drug such as aspirin or ibuprofen. If blisters form or circulatory problems occur, see a doctor immediately. In the case of small children or babies, a doctor should always be consulted if they get sunburnt.

Which home remedies can effectively treat sunburn?

Dr. Wilder: curd or yoghurt wraps in cotton or linen cloths cool the affected areas. Also beneficial: let the green tea cool and place it on the spot as a local wrap. This mainly helps against inflammation. Potato slices can also help with sunburn. Simply lay raw on the affected areas. The starch contained in the potatoes reduces redness. The moisture in the potato slice also cools the skin.

What should be avoided if you have a sunburn?

Dr. Wilder: Avoid visiting the sun again until it has completely subsided. And if you have to go out, apply the highest sun protection factor.

How long does it take for a sunburn to heal completely?

Dr. Wilder: Depending on how severe the sunburn is, it occurs after about four to eight hours. It reaches its peak after twelve to 24 hours and usually subsides after 72 hours. In the case of severe blistering, it can take several weeks to heal.

Which clothing fabric protects best from UV radiation?

Dr. Wilder: Conventional clothing made from natural fibers still lets through about 50 percent of UV-A and UV-B rays. Special UV protective clothing with incorporated titanium dioxide in the fibers, dark color and dense fabric structure provides the best protection.

How does sunburn affect skin aging?

Dr. Wilder: Too much UV light damages the pigment-forming cells with blotchy skin – so-called age spots. The deep damage to the collagen-forming cells leads to increased wrinkling. Free radicals are generated by the sun's rays, the oxidative stress leads to 'photoaging', light-induced skin aging.

From how many sunburns can you see the first signs of aging?

Dr. Wilder: The appearance is of course different for every skin type. A very light skin type will show these signs after only a few strong sunburns, while darker skin types need to be exposed to a very high dose.



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