tds_animation_stack India Surfing dogs: records around the summer

Surfing dogs: records around the summer

Where some just want to put their feet up on a summer vacation, others really get going. And put one or the other record on. A colorful overview.


Beach chairs are only for couples? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that. In the largest beach chair in the world according to the manufacturer on the Baltic island Usedom should accommodate up to 70 vacationers. The shadow dispenser measures six meters in width, four in height and three in depth – even a WiFi hotspot is installed. The XXL basket on the promenade in Heringsdorf required a structural engineer and its own foundation. He has been inviting you to linger since 2014.

The shade dispenser was built in the Heringsdorf basket plant. According to its own statements, this is the oldest still producing beach chair manufacturer Germany. The beach chair was also made by her, in which Chancellor Angela Merkel took a seat in 2007 together with the heads of state and government of the G8 countries. This model was a bit smaller with a height of two meters and a length of almost six meters.


If a cool sea breeze in the beach chair is not enough as a refreshment, you could make do with a childhood classic: water bombs. Take balloons and fill them with cold water as far as they will go. A group of students from the US University of Kentucky took it to extremes in 2011. 8957 participants fought a giant water balloon battle at the end of August – Guinness World Record. 175 141 water bombs were used as ammunition.


The project of some Americans in the state of Wisconsin was no less gigantic. In 2014 they formed the largest scoop of ice cream in the world. Flavor: strawberry. The pink monster was 1.67 meters high and 1.88 meters wide, weighed 1365 kilograms and devoured around 733 containers of ice cream. Because of the enormous weight, the ball had to do without a waffle. Trying was allowed, however: Thousands of visitors to the “Cedarburg Strawberry Festival” lined up and enjoyed generous portions of the sweet mass.


In San Diego (USA), Abbie Girl set a Guinness World Record in 2011 dogs-Surf on. The black and brown dog lady therefore rode 107.2 meters on a wave. Her owner Michael Uy said Abbie Girl once swam out to him when he was surfing. To give her a break, he got Abbie Girl on his board. But instead of lying down, the bitch got up on the board. Michael put the board and bitch on a wave and Abbie Girl rode her to the end – the beginning of an animal summer sports career.


The end of many beach balls comes suddenly. If you don't pay attention, the sea is already clawing at the inflatable plastic ball. Losing is unlikely with this specimen: The largest inflatable water ball in the world measures almost 20 meters in diameter. It was found on the River Thames in London in 2017. The monster ball was not meant to be played, however, it served as an advertising space for a movie.


The result of a sand castle campaign on Rügen was also ready for the movie: last year, artists piled up a sand castle at 17.66 meters, thereby securing the Guinness World Record. Only sand and water were allowed as ingredients. About 11,000 tons of the fine grains were needed – a good 550 truckloads. 20 artists work on the structure for three and a half weeks, eight hours a day. The head of the project in the Baltic Sea resort of Binz, Thomas van den Dungen, is a professional: He had previously set sand castle world records, for example in 2011 for the longest sand sculpture and in 2013 for most sand castles built in one hour.


In addition to sand under your feet, tropical fruits are also part of summer for many, such as pineapples. The Australian gardener Christine McCallum harvested the heaviest pineapple according to the Guinness book in 2011. The fruit weighed an impressive 8.3 kilograms, had a circumference of 66 centimeters and was 32 centimeters long – Guinness record. The harvest was the result of long maintenance: the fruit grew in the McCallum garden for two and a half years.

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